FanFic - Poetry
"paler shade of white"
Part 1
by euphoricfirefly
Disclaimer: just borrowing, i don't own 'em though i wish i did
Summary: i wrote this a while ago but i thought it was a good parable for the government chasing the alien's thing
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
we skipped the dog and pony show and stole away down a dark alley opting instead to walk the streets below i thought to myself the moon was too bright for the darkness of the night as we ran through forest-made coridoors

kicking cobblestones down the overgrown city's lane stumbling to hide from the dukes and lords we tripped over a puddle left from the rain trying to avoid the path of a cat of black and the mirror that it previously was stole and ate it's own reflection as it usually secretly does when you happen to turn your back but remember not to look because the soul keeper guards his secrets well but i watched as you embraced the Reaper and danced with him entranced with his spell so i shattered the music that left you deaf, dumb and without sight

we had no words to explain our tale as to how our sky had blown away while we sat in an empty field in two lonely wooden chairs i turned to look at your face and i was shocked to watch it turn a paler shade of white and i asked if that had happened to mine but your eyes were already closed having left me far behind

the barren rock beneath our feet was too hard to dig a grave that wouldn't even pretend to be deep and here He came again looking for our souls to reap so sure was i that i could not be saved i felt the blood drain from my face as i too turned a paler shade of white seeing how it was me He was coming for in this case we ran again hoping that this picture was not already painted black but the world had already crashed down below us though we still clung to the hope that we would not be caught

and the fog that surrounded us matched the color of my face grabbed at us with damp ghosty fingers hindering our progress in the race knowing that we had no desire to linger any longer than was necessary lest we end up like those in the cemetery lost Pages in death's book attending Dukes, Kings, Lords and Ladies and His Queen in the eternal Court

i already knew what they looked like as i glanced down at my hand clasped in yours each of us running for our life had turned a paler shade of white with no end of this chase in sight nor a conclusion of a cursed plight

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