FanFic - Poetry
"Modern-Day Ophelia (Forgiveness)"
Part 1
by Kaela
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing.
Summary: This poem was actually not originally a Roswell poem. I thought it fit splendidly though. It's from Maria's point of view, in case you can't tell, but it could be from Liz's, I suppose.
Category: Poetry
Rating: G
Modern-Day Ophelia (Forgiveness)

You came into my life
A brooding, tortured Hamlet,
and like Ophelia I fell
You made me believe
You made me love,
And for that I will never forgive you

The pain wraps around like
cellophane, like fly-paper
sticking to all my senses
to all my actions
No matter what I do
I can't get rid of you
And for that I will never forgive you

Now you haunt my dreams
I find myself wandering down paths
in the forest, in the desert
Picking flowers, Ophelia once again
All the roads are long and hard
And always they end in you
I cannot forget you
You are with me forever
And for that I will never forgive you

Now you walk in here
Your dark stare from those brooding eyes
Looking through me
Looking through into my soul
And I realize
I love you
I need you
I remember you
I forgive you.
And for that, I will forever pay the price.

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