FanFic - Poetry
"A Thought on Feelings"
Part 1
by Zenovia
Disclaimer: Don't own nothing.
Summary: Poem after ID.
Category: Poetry
Rating: G
Authors Note: Just felt poetic.
So many emotions race through my mind.


For being free.


For a father who never cared about me.


For those like me and one more.


For one who unwittingly captured my heart, mind, body and soul.

Each directed at a different individual,

and yet I feel them all together.

Sometimes I become confused and my emotions get misdirected.

But the ones who truly care about me understand and help me decipher which emotion goes where and to whom.

But it is now the dawn of a new day.

Choices have been made that will affect my present and future.

For the past is long gone.

I now have the power to change my own destiny.

And with the ones that love me by me side I will carry on.

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