FanFic - Poetry
"Alien Swing"
Part 1
by Nate
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, but if I did, I'm the luckiest person in the world!
Summary: Maria's point of view, a light poem on a special event. I haven't finished much of it though.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
It was another boring day
With me, with Liz at Crashdown Cafe
There I was serving juice
When Liz's dad broke the news

All of a sudden, bounding in
To the cafe with a grin,
"Liz, Maria, you wouldn't guess
"And then he paused, just for suspense.

At that moment, who walked in,
But Max, Izzy and Michael Guerin
I gasped out loud, I bit my lip
(I'm sure I felt my heart skip.)

They smiled, they waved,they took a seat
I felt my heart miss a beat
When Michael nodded in my direction
Oh, god, was it his way of affection?

"People please, spare me a while"
Said Liz's dad with a smile,
"The town has planned a big event.
And what they asked was heaven sent."

"So as I'm saying, here's the thing,
Roswell's having an Alien Swing
And to make it even great
Our cafe's going to participate."

At that point it crossed my mind
A swing's a jig, sort of, that kind
I shot Liz a "Yeah, right" glance
No way I'm going to the dance.

I made myself perfectly clear
I wasn't even going near
That crummy comercial thing
That called itself the Alien Swing.

And suddenly to my surprise,
Michael looked up, met my eyes,
"Actually, I think I'll go
If only to check out the show."

He smiled at us, smiled at me
"Just think how fun it's gonna be"
And then seven words, sealed my fate
"Let's go Maria, it'll be a date."


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