FanFic - Poetry
"Watch it All GO Down"
Part 1
by Michelle
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell I wouldn't be doing this...I'd be tying Jason to my bed.
Summary: Liz's POV after EOTW
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Thanks to everyone who send me such positive feedback on all my last poems. You guys rock the kasbah baby.
There's something in your blood
my tongue likes to taste

And my love for you is the only thing
I've ever really felt

Cam we salvage anything out of this
rumble that's left?

A vast darkness has engulfed my sky
and it rains over my heads always

It's starting to overwhelm drown me
and I'm fighting for the sunshine of your laugh

I fought to have you and I fought to leave you
and now I fight to stay afloat
while I watch it all go down

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