FanFic - Poetry
Part 1
by Jude
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
Some people always seem to spend
Their lives awaiting each weekend.
They count the hours, wish away
Each one, till 5 o'clock Friday.
But me, well, I'm a different sort...
Cuz weekends just aren't nearly short
Enough -- I find that I can't wait
For Wednesday, when I have that date
With ROSWELL! Ah, the name inspires
And thrills its legions of admirers!
And just how passionate am I
About that show? You ask me why --
And I will tell you, without doubt --
There's one thing that I'm sure about:
That Roswell is the one thing that
Can make my heart go pitter-pat!
In Liz's words, it's plain to see
It's even put a "force" on me.
On Wednesday, I awake and think
"Just 12 more hours," as I blink
The sleep away...I look a fright.
From chatting far into the night
With fellow Roswell lunatics.
My head feels like a ton of bricks.
The day goes oh! so slow, it seems.
I spend my workday in daydreams
Of Michael, Max, and Isabel.
I risk my very job as well
By sneaking checks upon the net
To see if Brendan's posted yet.
And then it's nearly 3 and I
Think "Six more hours," and I sigh.
The Roswell boards, they call again
The times I've checked it number ten.
And then it's finally after five
I jump into my car and drive
Home...yeah, I gotta get my fix...
And soon the hour hand's at six!
THREE more hours! And I pace;
I can't help I'm a basket case!
Then "Dawson"'s on, but I don't care,
Cuz soon it's time for Brendan Fehr
And Jason Behr and pretty Kate
And Shiri...Oh! It's getting late!
And soon Majandra will appear,
And Colin! Oh, it's almost here --
That magic hour! I can tell -
'Cuz there's the promo for Roswell!
I take remote control in hand...
Oh yes, I've got the whole thing planned.
I take my phone off of the hook --
Don't TALK to me, don't even LOOK!
I'm watching Roswell, don't you see?
And though I know I'm off my tree,
I'll happily admit I'm "craxy",
As long as I can gaze at "Max-y"!
Then all too quick it's over, done.
The story's up, the tale's been spun.
The preview's on, can't wait to see
How good the next week's show will be!
But oh, it's sad, when Roswell ends,
Because let's face the truth, my friends:
We know that when the clock strikes ten,
The waiting starts yet once again!
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