FanFic - Poetry
"The Roswell Musical"
Part 8
by Nicole
Disclaimer: I'm not Jason Katims. I'm not Melinda Metz. I'm not anybody else who owns the rights to 'Roswell' and its characters. I am just a simple fan using them for my own amusement. I also don't own the original versions of the songs mine are based on. And I guess Kara and Emily from the "Roswell Elementary" fanfics own the word "dorkbutt" and a couple of other little references I made.
Summary: The first season of 'Roswell' in musical form. Hence the title.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: 1) I guess this is technically more like 'The Roswell Opera' since there's nothing really between the songs, unless you count the large gaps in the story. That's why I just put them as different parts. 2) I am so bored. So very very bored. And so addicted to 'Roswell'. Keep that in mind. 3) I really am sorry I posted the beginning on Fan Forum when we're not supposed to. People have that "Real World" story up there, so I thought it was okay.
*Anything But Love* (to "I Can't Give You Anything But Love")

I won't give you anything but love, Amy
That's the only thing I'm thinking of, Amy
Promise to
Not use you
To get your daughter's friends
Just want this
A little kiss
And maybe some free alien tchotchkes

I'm the down-to-earth girl kinda guy, Amy
Sick of cryptic blondes from the FBI, Amy
All I want is you and your pies, Amy
And I won't give you anything but love

I've got an awful history with men, Sheriff
Have this habit where I'm rushing in, Sheriff
This poor town's
A singles drought
I get desperate
Hippie mom
With a kooky job
Gets stuck with a guy who's arrested me

I admit your charms sometimes distract... Jimmy
Though you run before I can react, Jimmy
I've always said that opposites attract, Jimmy
So I won't give you anything but love

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