FanFic - Poetry
"The Roswell Musical"
Part 2
by Nicole
Disclaimer: I'm not Jason Katims. I'm not Melinda Metz. I'm not anybody else who owns the rights to 'Roswell' and its characters. I am just a simple fan using them for my own amusement. I also don't own the original versions of the songs mine are based on. And I guess Kara and Emily from the "Roswell Elementary" fanfics own the word "dorkbutt" and a couple of other little references I made.
Summary: The first season of 'Roswell' in musical form. Hence the title.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: 1) I guess this is technically more like 'The Roswell Opera' since there's nothing really between the songs, unless you count the large gaps in the story. That's why I just put them as different parts. 2) I am so bored. So very very bored. And so addicted to 'Roswell'. Keep that in mind. 3) I really am sorry I posted the beginning on Fan Forum when we're not supposed to. People have that "Real World" story up there, so I thought it was okay.
*James Valenti* (to "My Sharona" by The Knack)

SHERIFF (backed up by chorus):
I'm really just an Average Joe
In cowboy clothes
And a badge that says my name-
James Valenti!
I was everything but
UFO nut
But lately my mind has changed
James Valenti!

Since that girl got healed
Got this zeal
Aliens to find
I'm not all that bad
Like my dad
Sergeant Martian guy
James James James James James - whoo!
J-j-j-james Valenti

Don't watch everywhere they go
But if I know
There's no harm in following
James Valenti!
I'm cool when I don't take crap
From Men in Black
Guys like Stevens piss me off
James Valenti!

Don't get on my case
I'm a space-
Man enthusiast
Love my kid to death
But forget
Sometimes he exists
James James James James James - whoo!
J-j-j-james Valenti

I am not a lunatic
Or small-town hick
I can tell when people deceive
Wannabe E.T. hunter
Like Fox Mulder
I'll make people want to believe

Fixed on one event
It makes sense
'Cause unhealthily
Strong obsessiveness
Is a gift
From my family tree
James James James James James - whoo!
J-j-j-james Valenti

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