FanFic - Poetry
"The Future of One"
Part 1
by StephRose
Disclaimer: If Brendan Fehr, or Majandra Delfino for that matter, don't know I exist, how could I possibly own them?
Summary: A look at the bumpy road we like to call Michael and Maria's relationship and how it could be in the future.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Kudos to Anecia, Chelsea, Aimee, and Fallon for putting up with my obsessive/compulsive disorder concerning Roswell and fanfiction. Feedback is welcome. This may seem unrealistic for next season but I hope you like it.
Michael and Maria.
Maria and Michael.
Two separate people
By a force unexplainable
And to be envied.
Two opposites attracted
By lust
And kept together
By feelings too powerful
To be anything but love.
Two halves of one whole
Brought together by Fate
And torn apart by Destiny.

Two separate people
Each trying to conquer the obstacle at hand
While sighing in resignation.
Because some things seem too universal to conquer
And too permanent to be reckoned with.
That can be proven by history
But some history has yet to be made.
They can still merge their paths
And make their own destiny,
If only their hearts are strong enough.
They've already been through so much-
And apart.

Heated Arguments.
Foul Play.
Passionate Kisses....
And Breaking Up
For the good of Destiny
But not themselves.

They belong together
Simply because they complete each other.
And no voice from the sky
Can ever change that.
Because Love had lived for centuries
Before Destiny was even thought of.
And one way or another,
True love will conquer all.

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