FanFic - Poetry
"Sweetly Disturbing"
Part 1
by Michelle
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, yeah, like you didn't already know that.
Summary: Liz's POV
Category: Poetry
Rating: R
Authors Note: This is about as risqué as my poetry gets. I like feedback as much as I like a naked Jason.
Something keeps drawing me to you
Something I can't exactly describe
Something disturbing
That I find comfort in

My heart was a clump of raw meat
Suddenly coming to life at your touch
Beating its way out of my chest...into your hands
Your hands are soothing the shivers and shutters and spasms
Now wracking my body

Something sticky and wet...blood and semen
is trickling down the inside of my thigh
It hurts like hell and I hope it never ends

Is that keeping you from being rough
and out of control like me?
I wonder if I'll regret that when we wake up
Your patience is enraging me
I want it as bad as you do

There are no coherent thought in our heads right now
as you fuck me in my parents house
Knowing that our love is sweetly disturbing
as you make love to me in my bed

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