FanFic - Poetry
Part 1
by Gwyllion
Disclaimer: There are no actual names mentioned, but Roswell ain't mine!
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
We knew our love couldn't last forever,
We knew surviving was quite an endeavor.
Often I'd watch the stars above,
And wonder just when they'd steal our love.
We tried to save ourselves from pain,
We tried holding back, we tried to refrain.
Nothing could work either way,
So we decided to go ahead and together we'd stay.
That is, until your ship came for you,
And my heart was broken into two.
I still watch the stars above,
But now I wonder what you're thinking of.
Do you still love me as I love you?
Or are you happy with someone new?
I wish I had told you when you were still here,
How much I loved you and your being near.
I know I'd told you a thousand times,
But what if a thousand and one could have kept you mine?
I do remember our love so deep,
I've picked up the knife to end my grief.
But I can't bring myself to pierce my heart,
The heart that's divided into three equal parts:
One part is for you, and one is for me,
And the third is for the being growing within me.
Sometimes I hate you for leaving me here,
You thought it was best but it's only brought tears.
I wish you could know that I will be strong,
I will live each day on and on.
I will live until I've peacefully died,
Then in heaven I shall reside.
I'll meet you there with wings of feathers,
And we'll finally watch the stars together.
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