FanFic - Poetry
"Soulís Desire "
Part 1
by Shedwyn
Disclaimer: Not Mine.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Ok... inspired by the last episode of the season. Last scene before the Howie incident!! Hope you enjoy.
She turned away from me.
And ran.
Over the sand,
Across the desert.
Her tears,
Made paths that streaked her skin.
But the wind sighed,
It caressed her hair,
reached out to wipe her tears away.
And suddenly I am jealous of the wind.
Because it is allowed to touch that skin,
Kiss those lips,
And wrap itís self around her.
Love her.
The way I used to,
The way I want to.
But she canít look into my eyes.
Cannot bear to feel my touch.
Wonít let me ease her pain.
The pain my destiny has brought to her heart,
The torture it has caused my soul.
How will I end this?
How can I cheat my fate?
Steal my life back from itís grasp.
Because without her,
My life,
My fate,
My destiny,
Is meaningless.
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