FanFic -
Part 1
by Love
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: Most of you know me as Dazy, but when I write poetry and certain stories, I go under Love. I hope you guys like this poem. It's an old one that I wrote about 4 months ago, so I hope it's still considered "good."
I've never been in love like this before

My pulse is pounding, my heart has dropped to the floor

Does he know how I feel?

Can a love like this be real?

I love the way he looks at me

In his eyes, me is all I see

We belong together, soulmates, I know

But it's dangerous, and Max can't let his feelings show

I'll love him forever, I'll never let him go,

But he doesn't know how to let his real feelings show

Maybe he doesn't want to, maybe he doesn't know

That he loves me, more now that he will ever know.

Why can't he see that I love him?

It's alot more than just a stupid whim.

But I know if it gets broken, my heart will mend,

Because he's Max Evans, my life, my love, my friend.

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