Fanfic - Poetry
"Set Me Free"
Part 1
by Anna
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Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
you're standing there but i feel you close,

in you my mind wants to unfold....

scared of what goes on inside of me,

fear of a different kind.

you were just another stranger passing by,

but now i see the world through your eyes.

am i dreaming or was this meant to be?!

i wanna smile when you look at me.

i wanna cry as i turn away,

i wanna plunge into your arms for life,

i wanna see me the way you once did,

i wanna climb onto cloud nine...

just so i could blow you a kiss,times three

am i dreaming or was this meant to be?!

the stars above shine bright,

they look through my eyes and into my soul...

i never thought this would happen.

i wanna be yours or so my heart said...

i travel back in time,

feeligs i had yesterday..were merely cold and hard,

i've lost my pride,

i've lost it all....just for conscience told

am i dreaming or was this meant to be?

i cant go on....

so set me free....

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