FanFic - Poetry
"The (Not So) Little (Not Quite A) Saint Nick"
Part 1
by Jude
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Authors Note: I hadn't written a poem in a little while, but after meeting Nick in LA, I was so impressed (as were so many others), that I decided he needed a tribute of his own. Here is mine...I hope it's deserving of him. By the way, here's a great interview Nick did with, from which I've taken a few details: [url][/u rl]
When Jason went shirtless, the little girls screamed;
When Brendan smirked, even the older fans beamed.
And MrV had his fans too, I might add.
(Though some were so young, he could pass for their dad.)
Yes, these were the guys who attracted attention,
Whose fans would do anything - too wild to mention!
But what of Nick Wechsler, who co-starred as Kyle -
Was he ignored just 'cause his shirts had no style?
Was Kyle the one character everyone hates,
While all of the focus was on the "soulmates"?
It looked like the answer was probably "YES."
Most weeks, Kyle was *almost* as well liked as Tess.
So, more and more, Nick was pushed off to the side,
Appearing so seldom, we thought Kyle had died.
But then came the episode known as "Blind Date,"
And it seemed that perhaps it was finally Nick's fate
To get all those scenes that had always been due him,
And reap some attention that should have come to him.
What happened? Well, after that brilliant Blind Date,
Not even two scenes in each show did he rate.
And the less we would see him, the more we would hiss:
"Hey, Kyle's getting shafted! Now, what's up with this??"
And in the end, finally, our poor Kyle was shot.
Will we see him more next year? Well, probably not.
So if we would like to see Nick (and Kyle) back,
The Powers That Be must get on the right track...
Since all that have met him know how great Nick is.
Because he's terrific, we're now fans of his.
Who couldn't love one whose smile stretches so wide?
Whose favorite film is the fab Princess Bride?
Whose favorite time of day's 8:49,
Who really knows how to deliver a line.
Whose Slater-esque accent just couldn't be cuter,
Who claims he, in fact, doesn't own a computer.
Who's one of nine brothers - that's right, I said NINE.
Who sings Britney Spears in the shower -- no lyin'!
Who loves Albuquerque and not Santa Fe,
Who wowed all the fans at the bash in L.A.,
And who couldn't worship so wondrous a dude,
Whose favorite singer is someone named "Jude"??
Though Nick is the first one to put himself down,
And might hide his feelings by acting the clown,
We fans will support him through thin and through thick,
And scream to the network "HEY, GIVE US SOME NICK!!"
So let's hope the Network exhibits more class,
Because if they don't, we'll be kickin' Frog @--.
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