FanFic - Poetry
"Runner "
Part 1
by Nina
Disclaimer: I don`t own anything but a slow computer.
Summary: A...poem. About the end of "Destiny."
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
I ran
I ran
I had to
I ran
There was nothing left
Nothing left for me to do
I ran from warmth
I ran from happiness
I ran
I ran from my dreams
I ran from the only thing in my life
I ran from everything
your eyes
your arms
your love
All torn away from me violently and painfully
All once mine, rightfully mine, robbed from my grasp
In one gradual, unbearable cut
Still I ran
Still I ran away from everything I wanted
Still ran away from everything I`ve been fighting for
Still ran away from all the things you said to me
Still ran away from everything you did for me
Still ran away from everything we`d done together
Still ran away from all the moments I could never forget...
Still ran
Still let it all be taken away
I ran and I felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest as I moved
away from you
It`s still with you
I ran
I ran because I was weak and bruised and scarred from fighting for you
for so long
I ran because I was no longer any match for your purpose
I ran because I was afraid of being damaged any more
I ran because...she
She was too strong
Just too strong
She would destroy me
She already had
I ran
I ran thinking if I left you maybe I could just forget
I ran thinking if I accepted it everything would be okay
I ran thinking if I could give you up it would make me stronger
I was wrong
I ran
I ran with images of everything we had been
I never knew those words could ever be so painful
I ran
The images would not go away
Belonging to each other
You still belong to me! my heart screams
I could take you back! it screams
I could take back would I rightfully own
I could give you back what you rightfully own
No, my mind says
It`s too late
He isn`t yours anymore
And you`re not his
It can never be the same
Nothing will ever be the same
Run, it says
My mind says
My mind knows better
Better than my heart
My mind is no fun
Damn my mind
I ran
My mind is the enemy now
It will guide me everywhere
It will always tell me what I don`t want to hear
I will not be able to stop it
It will never go away
My heart is the enemy now
It will always want you
Remember you
It will always remind me of the knowledge that will kill me, torture me, break me
I will not be able to stop it
It will never go away
She is the enemy now
She will always own you
She will always be yours
She will always whisper to me in my mind, "He`s not a part of you anymore."
I will not be able to stop her
She will never go away
I ran
Ran and hurt myself
ruined myself
broke myself
tore myself
broke my own heart
As I will always break my own heart
Again and again and again
I ran
I thought I was strong
I thought I would fight and fight so you were always mine
I thought nothing could destroy us
I thought we we had could never be compared
I thought I would never let anything, anyone ever take you away from me
I thought I was strong
It was nice to think so at the time
I gave up
I gave in
I let you go
I watched helplessly from a distance as our love was gradually destroyed, broken apart piece by piece
I ran
It`s over
Everything is over
It`s too late to save it all
I stopped fighting
I stopped believing
I stopped holding on
Too late
Everything is over
my life
my dreams
I ran
I ran
I ran
...for you.
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