FanFic - Poetry
by Minnie
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Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
One show started it all
Last year during early fall

Roswell brought together
Birds of the same feather

Mothers and fathers
Sisters and brothers

Hippies and boomers
Teens and Gen Xers

Americans and Canadians
New Zealanders and Australians

Brits and Filipinos
South Africans and Latinos

The show spawned a global family
Who converged on Crashdown quite happily

Roswell transcended gender, age and nationalities
Blending together all personalities

Clanners and dreamers
Jokesters and shippers

Sci-fiers and theorists
Poets and novelists

Executives and homemakers
Restauranteurs and bakers

Lawyers and doctors
Students and professors

Agents and VP's
Veterans and newbies

From all walks of life, they came
Saying "Despite our differences, we're all the same!"

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