FanFic - Poetry
Part 1
by Jude
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
Here it was, on this very spot,
This sad, burned patch, now just a blot.
Where once there shone a group so brightly,
There's this -- a blackened stain unsightly.
Here lie the Dreamgirls...ever after
We'll hear their Screaming Fits Of Laughter
No more. No cries ring through the air,
No praises sung to Jason Behr,
No more the giggling shrieks of joy
At each new picture of their boy.
No ecstasies at Shirtless Max --
And no more leers at khaki slacks.
Now no one waits as writers tease
With promises of those "HP's"...
Ah no...the Dreamgirls are no more,
No "Dream Thread" number Million Four.
It happened here, where sits this poem...Oh!
If only they hadn't shown that promo!
The naked back, the bitten lip,
The arms that made saliva drip,
The kisses causing Liz to see
The stars -- and I mean LITERALLY!
(Though Michael told sweet Max to use her,
Their Max would not be SUCH a loser!)
The passion causing jaws to drop,
Which made Liz gurgle, "I can't STOP!"
And Hungry Max, and Liz so wet
(You're thinking something BAD, I'll bet!)
But with that famous Max "hand motion,"
He kissed Liz and caused such emotion,
The Dreamgirls, may God rest their souls,
Went up in flames, like burning coals.
Because they were consumed by lust,
Spontaneously did they combust.
And all that's left here are their ghosts,
And several hundred thousand posts.
The lesson to be learned, my friend,
Is the very end,
Don't let yourself find TOO appealing
An episode called "Sexual Healing"!
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