Fanfic - Poetry
"Pool of Rose Musk"
Part 1
by ZooBoo
Disclaimer: I have never, nor will I ever(because I could never afford it) own or be affiliated in any way with Roswell. Can I have my Pez collection back now, please?
Summary: Michael's POV
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Author's Note: The last line in each stanza is actually part of the first line in the following stanza, and the first line in each stanza isn't suppose to be linked to the second line(except, of course, in the very first stanza), which completely changes the meaning of the poem. Forgive me...I like to make things difficult.
Listless light slips in between
Her sleeping porcelain shadow
Deepening her pale beauty
A frozen reflection on the window

Moving over the temperred lock
Watching her dreams as they weave
Tails of unexplained secrecy
Something tells me I should leave

Her room smelling like roses
Intoxicating vanilla pools
And a hint of strawberry liquor
Stumbling like a fool

Only can I fear her awakening
To find me would spoil my thought
I had planned with great diligence
And now I find myself leaving

Her sleeping form as it stirs
Creating a whirlpool of fragrance
For her it is as a dream should be
Now I take one last glance

As she awakens finding three roses
Swirled in vanilla and strawberry musk
She knows where I am

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