FanFic - Poetry
Part 1
by Jude
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Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Hair that shines and skin so gleaming,
Teeth that sparkle when she's beaming.
Lips a luscious, deep warm pink.
Eyes as soft and dark as mink.
That's the lovely Isabel...
No one can resist her spell --
Alex, Michael, even Max.
There's no single charm she lacks.
Shaped to turn most men's eyes glassy,
We love how she's smart and sassy,
And the way she works her wiles,
Using sly, flirtatious smiles.
But we must admit we ponder:
Who will make her heart grown fonder?
For a love scene, we would revel!
('Cept if it was with "Dirt Devil"...
Then we'd whine, complain and rant,
"ANYONE, but please...NOT Grant!!")
Is there one who's good enough?
Someone strong, but not too tough?
Cliffhangers think Michael's great...
Destiny says he's her mate.
Stargazers say Alex might
Be for her the one who's right.
Others think it's someone new,
That might be, but tell us, WHO?
Who is preordained for her?
Who's the one to make her purr?
Who can even match her style?
If not Alex, how 'bout Kyle?
No, he's not the one for Is,
Anyway, he's dated Liz.
Maybe one...oh, do I dare?
Guess I'd better NOT go there!
Will our goddess Isabel,
Always be alone, pray tell...
'Midst the ardent, drooling herd,
Hanging on her every word?
Isabel, who makes guys tingle,
You are MUCH better off single!
You don't need those poor beguiled ones,
Stay with US, your fans -- the Wild Ones!
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