FanFic - Poetry
"Leaving you"
Part 1
by Ellie
Disclaimer: Although I would love to own the Roswell characters they belong to people like Melinda Metz and WB.
Summary: This is a poem about the thoughts that I think would have been running through Liz's head as she walked away from Max.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I think that Max and Liz have this whole soulmate thing and that although Liz is trying to do what she thinks is right and trying to let Max fufill his destiny all she will end up doing is hurting both of them more than helping. Please write your comment s and e-mail them to me!!
The desert rock shakes in sadness,
as I kiss your love goodbye.
It's the only way that I can live,
The only way I can survive.

You told me that you loved me,
But soon you'll have to go.
Youv'e got a destiny waiting for you,
I can't hold you back you know.

You can't stop the inevitable,
You can't try to hide.
So goodbye my only true love,
My spirits by your side.

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