FanFic - Poetry
"Leaving Normal"
Part 1
by Amy
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or any of the characters, but one can wish she owned Max Evans!
Summary: A poem about Max and Liz
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
I'm not the prettiest girl,
You're not the most sought-after guy.
But in my eyes
I can't lie,
I think we're ment to be.

They way we "clicked"
when we first met
My heart wouldn't surely let
Me see the ways i feel for you

You aren't my kind
But you helped me find
Where I truly place myself
Casual friends
Not afraid to lend a helping hand

I never thought you'd be staring at this
With that dreamy look in your eyes
I thought I had to look past those that everyone stares at
And stare at those everyone looks past
But maybe this time I hit the nail on the head

That day in 10th grade you saved my life
Maybe later on you'll ask me to be your wife
But the life we're living is extremly confusing
We've gotta hide and we gotta lie
So we can be safe

I can't believe you and her
Are ment to be
You seemed to be my destiny
I was your dreamgirl
You said we were soulmates.

As fast as it happend,
Our relationship ended
I had to leave you to your destiny,
Your soulmate broke up with you
Something you never expected

You told me everything you said before was true
You told me "I still love you"
You have a destiny
And I can't stand in the way
So I left you on the cliff that day

I may have turned around
And I cried and frown
But someday i feel it in my heart
We'll be together again
Someday very soon then.

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