FanFic - Poetry
"For You Who Will Pass Before Me"
Part 1
by Eliza
Disclaimer: The characters, the show, and all the ideas belong to Jason Katims, the WB and all the wonderfully talented actors. I'm just being greedy and borrowing them for a little!
Summary: A poem from Liz to Max.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
This is for you who will pass before me
for you whose eyes will roll back
just as mine begin to see the hazy sun rise
I will awake
One morning
one morning, as a bird sings its song into an empty desert
where no life can survive, except for those lives that need no others
And I will rise to an empty house
where nobody knows who I am
and only the walls can hear my bitter screams, my screams of crimson and blue
but they cannot listen like you
And I will walk into the sand
and the red rock will tell me,
the red rock will tell me
that you have returned to dust
For we all return to ashes
And when the sky turns purple,
and my face is in the shadows
I will turn my eyes to the sky
to see the stars reflected in my flood
the stars are only as eternal as we are
I will have seen a star die, seconds before I did
the stars are only gas, and dust, and dust
For we all return to ashes
Bare walls greet me, greet me as you once did,
as you once did before the nights froze over and I could see my breath in the air
and I will turn
and crumble
into a clay dust that pounds to the wood floor
For we all return to ashes
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