FanFic - Poetry
"For Always"
Part 1
by Kate
Disclaimer: Not my show, but is my poem
Summary: Poem about finding that true love
Category: Poetry
Rating: G
Authors Note: I wrote this for the man that i love. He is soo strong and pure, I was made for him.
When I met you I thought I was seeing a vision
I didn't know I was just seeing you
And even though, it seems crazy
I know that I love you for always

I felt your arms so strong around me
I saw your heart so clean
I knew that you would someday see
That I love you for always

You were created for me
I was born to love you
Touching hearts through eternity
I can only love you for always

And when the pain begins
And when the tears are all I think I have
And when the laughter dies away
I will still love you for always

So, don't regret the things you do in love or hate
And do not say that we will never be
Please look into my heart and see
I love you for always

Because I see in yours
I know in life we make mistakes
But you granted me a chance to see
You will love me for always

So even when you think you should
And even when you're scared
Look through my broken tears and life
And see we will love for always

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