FanFic - Poetry
"Final Journal Entry"
Part 1
by Gwyllion
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Roswell, but I don't.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
How could this ever happen to me?
One day I was happy as a girl could be.
Then it happened, I got shot,
I died on the floor of my parents' restaurant.
But then he came, he knelt over me,
He placed his hands over the wound and said not to worry.
He looked into my eyes, I looked into his,
And he said, "You can't tell anyone, Liz."
Over the months we grew very close,
He became the person I trusted most.
Maria found out, I told Alex the tale,
Of my alien friends: Max, Michael, Isabel.
It seemed that we had paired off at last,
Maria with Michael, and I with Max.
Alex and Isabel were hardly together,
For Isabel loved Alex only as a brother.
Soon the fairy tale came to the end,
With the arrival of a new alien.
Tess brought so much hardship, and a lot of pain,
My relationship with Max was totally strained.
Isabel was the first to become her friend,
Then "Max and I" came to an end.
So much happened the next few weeks,
Max was captured, the days got bleak.
We saved Max's life with all of our power,
But later we saw Max and Isabel's mother.
Eventually the Skins arrived,
They tried to take the aliens' lives.
We fought and fought, tried and tried,
But along the way, Nasedo died.
Max kept trying to win my heart,
But I learned from him we had to be apart.
His future self came to me, this is true,
He said, "You have to make me fall out of love with you."
I told him the story of much woe,
The Tragedy of Juliet and her Romeo.
This did not work, so I tried again,
I thought up a most masterful plan.
He came to my room late one night,
And saw himself a sorrowful sight.
I love him so much but I can't let him know,
That Kyle will never be my Romeo.
Now I'm told that I've been changed,
My entire life, rearranged.
My name is Liz Parker, I'm 17 years old,
And shame on me for the secrets I've told.
Now I end this book sorrow,
I'll never know what will become of tomorrow.
I'm so sorry for what I've done,
I still can't believe Max is gone.
So this has become my final goodbye,
An end to the heartache of painful lies.
So please don't cry, but laugh for me,
I'll be so much happier where I'll be.
I can't take it in this place,
There are so many memories on each face.
There must be something better out there for me,
Than my life, in Roswell, of misery.
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