FanFic - Poetry
Part 1
by Amy
Disclaimer: I don't have anything to do with Roswell except being a fan!
Summary: Just a poem about the Roswell season
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
Max and Liz and all the others
Got together by the end of Blood Brothers.
We watched the season hopefully,
To see Kyle again, expecially me.
Liz, and he, broke up you see,
And after blind date he disapeared!
Is He dead? We fans of roswell feared.
But he came back soon after,
And we loved him with lots of laughter.
Alex and the Whitts enjoyed Maria's singing,
And she loved Michael, with true meaning.
The Balance proved aliens get sick,
But In The Convention, To get that lollipop! Just 1 lick!
Think about Mud, our Michael said,
We soon seen him and Maria in bed.
(No they didn't do anything bad!
but i think Maria's mom was glad!)
Hank died and now Michael lives alone,
He needs to get Maria a new cell phone.
In 285 South he broke it.
When Max found him, he had a fit.
Sexual Healing was a Dreamgirl Land,
Full of Max, our only man.
In Max To The Max, Nasedo was real,
When Liz kissed em, she thought she'd feel,
Those feelings she always had
For Max, but she didn't cause he wasn't her lad.
The White Room was scary for everyone,
Max sure didn't have any fun.
They poked and prodded until he was near death.
But he would never leave them, he's the best!
Heatwave was an awesome episode!
The very best ep they ever showed!
The other episodes were too great to name,
But Destiny showed all their fame.
Kyle came back, and Valenti found the secrect.
Max trusted him, He knew he'd never breathe it.
When Mike tried to kill Pierce,
Valenti acted too fierce.
He shot his own son,
With his very own gun.
He had to get Max to save Kyle.
They contacted their Mom and she told them,
That Max, their leader,
And Tess, The wife beater,
We're really meant to be.
All the couples broke apart,
And Nasedo got shot and fell on a cart.
The Stargazers, Candygirls and Dreamgirls cried.
Until they're back together, they won't dry their eyes.
Roswell WAS renewed, but Liz went away.
She left Max alone on the cliff that day.
We cannot wait for 13 new episodes,
We can't wait to know!
We gotta see what happens,
So once again we can be laughin!
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