FanFic - Poetry
Part 1
by Jude
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Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
His life has been dreary, depressing and stark,
Growing up wasn't easy in that trailer park.
He's lacking in manners, especially at dinner --
He can't figure which fork to use - out' or inner?
When using his “powers,” things go up in flames,
And don’t even ask him to play family games!
His hair...hmm, his hair...what to say more about it?
Will it ever be "normal"? – well now, somehow I doubt it!
He's stubborn, he's rude, he can sometimes be cruel,
And he cannot be bothered with going to school.
But Michael is feisty and smart as a whip,
Giving enemies either a rash or some lip!
His alien-ness always kept him apart,
Only Max and his sister could capture his heart.
But along came Maria, so spicy and sweet,
She intrigued and annoyed him both, each time they'd meet.
When they suddenly kissed (after verbal abuse!):
"That was to calm you down," was his excuse.
And though he attempted to push her away,
He could still hardly wait just to see her each day.
And the more he was with her, the harder he fell.
Seems like finally Maria is cracking his shell.
Oh, there still are some problems, for sure, without doubt.
He is no fashion plate, and he’s often a lout.
And some things that he says really make her blood boil;
Putting up with him takes way too much cedar oil!
But his sexy brown eyes and mysterious air
Are divine – he’s so fine, he’s so cute, he’s so…Fehr!
Yes, Maria is wild for her out-of-world dude,
With his scruffy demeanor and manner so crude…
Though she sometimes feels envy for others. Indeed,
While Max gives his girl presents, Michael sees no need.
No chocolate, no flowers, no perfume, no rings --
He can't understand someone wanting those things.
Yes, Michael is certainly missing a clue,
When he gives her a jug of generic shampoo!
And though his behavior can sure drive her nuts,
She knows there's no other with his kind of guts.
He's a rebel, you see, with a whole lot of cool,
He's an alien rogue, he's an unpolished jewel!
Who else can just fry Jetta engines with ease?
Who else can paint domes? Who can quote Ulysses?
So Maria can certainly never be blamed,
For adoring him -- no, she should not be ashamed!
Besides, what other guy has so many fan groups?
He's the General of all his adoring girl troops!
From Lollies to Fehrians, Candygirls too,
They all love their Michael, they're some wacky crew!
And this is my poem for them, here, in this place.
Now I hope that they’ll all finally get OFF MY CASE!!
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