FanFic - Poetry
Part 1
by Shedwyn
Disclaimer: "Roswell" isn't mine. They belong to a bunch of other people, but I am not included in the club.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Max POV. I wrote this before "Sexual Healing" *sigh*
What a wonderful hand
Fate has dealt me.
My eyes have been gifted
with the sight of you.
Destiny herself,
has kissed me softly,
and offered your love to me.
My heart is screaming at the chance
to beat in rhythm with your own.
And my soul breathes you in,
knowing that in your eyes
it has found completion.
But my conscious will not let me accept
these gifts so easily.
And I fear that soon
I will have built a wall around you.
A fortress of your hurt,
and my distance.
Soon you will be struck down
by my own hand.
And not even my touch will heal you.
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