FanFic - Poetry
"Cognitive Dissonance"
Part 1
by beanz
Disclaimer: Yes, Michael and Maria are mine…did you not notice that brand mark burned onto their cheeks that says "beanzs' props"?
Summary: Maria Facing reality.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is actually a reformat of a poem I did a couple of years ago about schizophrenia…..funny how it was so easy to twist it to apply to M&M. This is my first ever attempt at fan fiction, so please be gentle when giving feedback!
You're my greatest enemy,
My most treasured friend.
I tell myself I hate you,
In reality I pretend.
You call me "That Maria Girl",
You think I have no hope.
Then you tell me that you love me,
Whilst your digits start to grope.
I'm blinded with misjudgment,
I always think I'm right.
My friends must have been correct,
I have myopic sight.
But I would never leave you,
Nor ever could you me,
As without our daily fracas,
We would simply cease to be.
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