FanFic - Poetry
"Bring on a Roswell Christmas"
Part 1
by Nana J.
Disclaimer: I have no claim to Roswell TV characters or story plots. I am simply cheering everyone on at the WB I do state that the following text was written by me, purely with that intent and the possible enjoyment of other fans.
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
(Can be sung to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)


You know Rosy and Oprah, and Disney and Carey,
E.R. and West Wing, there's Dave, Jay, and Larry.
But, get ready. Go! (from Blind Date)
What's the name of our most fav'rite show?
(All Roswell fans shout "Roswell!" here).

Bring on a Roswell Christmas,
celebrating Roswell themes:
Peace reaching clear to Andar,
Hope that grants a dreamer's dreams.

Bring on a Roswell Christmas!
Oh, what joyful vibes it sends--
patterns of love unending.
Loyalty of steadfast friends.

Through the days of Hanukkah,
right through Kwanzaa, too,
may you find that Roswell's gifts
have made a change in you!

Lamp trimmers, light your lanterns!
Not an evil Skin in sight.
Bring on a Roswell Christmas.
Hearts will journey home tonight!

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