FanFic - Poetry
"Aren't You Listening?"
Part 1
by Michelle
Disclaimer: I don't even own my pimp does.
Summary: Maria's POV
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is about as tame as my poetry gets. Feedback is always of the good, except when it's of the bad.
I can feel a thousand pairs of eyes in me
More shocked than accusing
One of them is yours

Are you scared?
Because I'm terrified

Tell me something...anything...please
I'll believe you...I always do
I see you through drunken eyes

Can't you hear me?
Or aren't you listening?

I've screamed and yelled
then whispered and wept
I've turned and run
only to come right back again

You already know that
I always come back, don't you?
Yeah I know you know

Because you're always waiting for me at the door
when I come crawling home
And you'll hold me in your arms
and I'll fall right back into your bed

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