FanFic - Poetry
"Another Lonely Tear"
Part 1
by Emme Scharein
Disclaimer: hey, I made this, so this is claimer!
Summary: fit for any Roswellian couple
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
what you want
is all I believe
but what happens
when you want me?

forcing me gently
you know I'll give in
God made us imperfect
so we're bound to sin

we'll find a solution
we'll find a way
to save ourselves
from a future day

I used to live in the rain
did you know you made the light?
when I'm with you the pain
dries up, I just might

fall in love again
feel the hurt again
but this time I'll win
this time we'll win

stay another day
stay another year
you hold me softly
as I shed just one more tear

like rain, it falls
just another lonely rain
it's joined by another
and life is never the same

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