FanFic - Poetry
"All Three We Stand"
Part 1
by alien squeeze
Disclaimer: I do NOT own them. Congrats to who does!
Summary: My idea of what goes through our fave alien's minds of being stuck on Earth.
Category: Poetry
Rating: G
Authors Note: Feedback: Give me, give me, give me!!! It helps a lot.
Bond to Earth by mortal fears
But mortal we are not by far
Condemned to cry these human tears
While wishing on a foreign star
Left were we upon this earth
Not knowing how to find our way
A home of ours but not by birth
And a hunger growing day by day
All three we stand, all three we'll fall
Holding on to what we know
Praying that "they" hear our call
And this falsely human show
So here we stand in silent wake
And if one should fall, all three will die
For their soul we cannot take
Nor the sparkle from their eye
Return for us, all three we wait
Return for us, all three we stand
Don't abandon us upon this earth
Like a pebble lost within the sand
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