FanFic - Poetry
"After Twilight"
Part 1
by Amber Parker
Disclaimer: I only own Roswell when I'm sleeping. But if anyone happens to own Roswell and would like to give me Jason Behr out of the goodness of their hearts...
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is based on a line from the third part of a (so far) 4 part fanfic by Ash. In order the parts are: Captivated by Darkness, Fight the Break of Dawn, Fading into Twilight, and Darkest Days. Darkest Days is not finished as of this date, and I cant wait until it is. Ash, whoever you are, I ADORE your Fics and thank you so much for writing them. As for the rest of you, my own fics are done I just have to type them. this is Liz talking about Max. MAX DOES NOT DIE IN THIS FIC. i just said that because it sounds kind of morbid now that i'm planning on sending it out.
I turned around and walked away
But refused to shed my tears
The darkness closed in and around
But I refused to show my fears The entire world went mad today
Then a cold front descended 'round
The bleak weight of my sadness
Sent me crashing to the ground My best friend's arms stole 'round me
He placed my head over his heart
Each beat reminded me that I live
But also of my loves depart I let him be the strong one
And he tried to hold me fast
But my existence had ended
The day I held my love last So I wander day by day
My breath heavy in my chest
Until either love comes back to me
Or I find my final rest
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