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"Thanks for Nothing"
Part 1
by Baby Apples
Disclaimer: *I don't own the characters or anything about 'em, but they're cool
Summary: Its Thanksgiving in Roswell, and they're up to hijinks
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Spoilers-just episodes that have aired
Liz Parker sat silently in her school desk, waiting for the bell to ring. Her back was straight and her eyes were locked on Mr. Gardner, but, like most of the time lately, she wasn't paying attention. It was the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, and Liz was looking forward to the next 5 free days. [This year's Thanksgiving is gonna seem really small.] , Liz thought with a sigh. Liz's grandma had just died a few weeks before, and that was what she had most looked forward to on past holidays. Even though she would be with her parents and her best friend Maria, it would never be the same. [oh well, we'll still have fun], she thought grimly. They'd eat the traditional eats until they were as stuffed as the turkey, they'd laugh, roll their eyes, and watch football. As much fun as that sounded, Liz still wanted a few more people to be there. Of course Grandma, which was impossible, she told herself, and Max Evans, which was just as impossible. Even though he only lived a few blocks away, connecting the most interesting person in the world to her family's "funfest" just didn't go together. She sighed as she thought of eating cranberry jelly and lumpy mashed potatoes with the guy of her dreams. Liz suddenly returned from her reverie when she realized that she was still in class. [a few more minutes till lunch], she thought. She stared at the wall until she heard the bell's annoyingly familiar sound. "Good, I need a break." Liz collected her things and swung her bookbag onto her shoulders with a grunt. "This thing weighs as much as me," she mumbled. She hurried out into the hall. Her head was down and it was obvious that she had somewhere to go. Liz darted through the crowd towards the quad. She quickened her step and began to call out when she Maria. Then she bumped into someone, she looked up, - of course it was Max. Who else could it be? Who else always came out of nowhere to bump into her? Not that she minded.

"Hi Max,", Liz said shyly. Why did she always get like this? "Hey Liz," Max said without really looking at her. She knew it was corny, but the best way that Liz could describe Max was that he was "quietly aloof, yet intense". He only spoke when something needed to be said, not just to hear his very nice voice. "Sooo, it's great that we have 5 days off," she said, because that was something they cold both be excited about. "Yeah, it'll be great. Our family always has a blast. Although Izzy always raises a fit about how huge she'll get over Thanksgiving," Max said, with his subtle sarcasm. Liz chuckled at the thought of Isabel's complaining. She was a princess. "So, I guess I'll see you later," he said, this time looking straight in her eyes. "Have a Happy Thanksgiving Liz." "You too Max," she said with a little smile. "see you." She turned and walked towards Maria who was grinning like Miss America. She could feel Max watching her leave, and she was happy.

"Sooo," Maria said with a smirk, "Hows your favorite Martian?" "Maria!" Liz slapped her playfully, "Don't call him that!" "Oh, so you admit that he's your special extraterrestrial." Maria laughed, knowing full well that they were both ga-ga over each other. [Its always funny to see people in love pretend to be friends, when you know they want each other!] "Oh, and Miss DeLuca, we know how you wouldn't know a thing about infatuation with a Checkloslavakian, would you now?" Maria blushed and said hurriedly, "What are you talking about Liz?" "Gee, I don't know what I was saying, sorry Maria," Liz said mischievously. Michael and Maria hated each other so much- they obviously had the hots for each other. "Whatever," said Maria. "So thank God we have 5 days! I think I'll lay in bed just because I can!" "Yeah," said Liz, not really thinking about that. "So what are we sposed to bring again? I thought it was cream corn," Maria said to herself as she plopped down on the warm grass. "That's fine, we've already got the turkey defrosting and we'll probly have some stuff from the cafe too." "Yeah, that's what Im talkin' bout! Eating till the cows come home and some hard core, tight pants football!" Thats basically how the rest of 5th period lunch went. Maria's jabbering and Liz thinking about Max.

The rest of the day passed without notice, and Liz headed through the parking lot to walk to the Crashdown. Then, she felt a hand on her shoulder and a tingling feeling. "Let me give you a ride," said Max casually. "Thanks," said Liz She followed him silently to his beat-up Jeep that had survived the crash she and Max had last week. Max helped her into the Jeep like he always did and got into his side. "It's amazing that your Jeep didn't get totalled." "Yeah," he said. They pulled out of the parking lot without escaping curious stares and whispers. Liz turned her head to look at Max's profile and said, "You know how happy I was to see that you were ok after the crash. I was so scared." Max looked at here with expressionless eyes and said with a smile in the corner of his mouth, "Liz, I'm fine, I told you." "I know but-" "You're distracting me again," he said with his eyes straight on the road. "But when don't you?" he mumbled. "What Max?" "Nothing, here we are," he got out and walked to her side, staring into her eyes. "Come on," he offered his hand and she took it as she jumped down beside him. "Ill miss seeing you these 5 days Max." "No you won't. You're gonna be late, there's your dad." "Bye Max-have a nice holiday, I'll miss you." She turned and walked through the glass door. She looked at him, smiled and waved, wishing they could have a close encounter!

After the last of the customers had disappeared and the last of the hamburgers was grilled, Liz removed her greasy alien apron and ambled u the stairs to her room. She headed for the shower, and relaxed under the hot water. [My life is so boring, but it's complicated enough to be a movie of the week- if I could spice it up.] She put on her robe and went to watch Buffy. She needed a dose of girl power. As she watched, her thoughts drifted again to no one in particular. Hey, Buffy could have a non-human boyfriend and be happy and semi-normal and go to school, and a killer wardrobe, and great hair, and basically have it all- so why couldn't she? [Ohh, what am I thinking! My life isn't a WB science fiction show! My life is sadly science fact- it sucks!] Then, Liz called Maria and chattered for an hour, avoiding talking about Czecloslavakians.

The next day was slow at the Crashdown. Liz was glad. The day before Thanksgiving always felt lazy anyway. Liz and Maria chatted aimlessly and waited on stray customers. It really was hump day. Liz was leaning against the counter with a bored expression when Maria tapped her. "Uhh, what's wrong with you, considering your man and Michael just walked in." She said it pretty loudly too, and Liz jumped and hurried to the booth by the door that Max always took. He smiled at her. "So, what's good here?" "As if you didn't know!" she joked. Michael rolled his eyes and exhaled loudly- "Get me some fries, a big burger with bacon and a shake." "Can you say please?" Liz asked, annoyed. "Hey, who's payin' who here?" he retorted and dismissed her. "Liz, I'll have a burger and a shake please," Max said politely. "Of course, and thank you very much for visiting the Crashdown," she said in a flight attendant type voice. Michael mumbled something. She smiled at Max again and skipped off to the kitchen. She gave the orders to the cook and then went to the back room to find Maria. She found her pacing from wall to wall and talking to herself. When she saw Liz, she shut up and grinned at her sheepishly. Liz had a good idea why and laughed. "Hey! What's up with Max?" "Like you care. Michael is his usual rude self though." Liz bit her lip to stop her from laughing at Maria's blush. "Liz, you know I have no interest in that rude idiot from wherever. He wants me bad though. I can't help it , all the DeLuca women are foxes." She spurted without blinking. Liz laughed loudly, taking Maria's face in her hands, "You have got to stop lying to yourself. I know something happened between you two. You've been in two motel rooms together alone, and wait, you're alone a lot!" "Oh, and you and Max never are!" "That's different, it was necessary." "Right." Then they both heard Michael's screeching yell- "The help better stop yakkin' and bring me my food or they might not get a tip!" Liz ran her fingers through Maria's short blond hair and said, "I do believe your man is calling, go to him." "He better show some manners, or I might just spit in his milkshake," she said with a fake smile and sashayed out the door to get their food. Maria approached Max and Michael's table with a grim look. "It's about time Miss Lightning," said Michael as he grabbed a fry off Maria's tray and shoved it in his mouth. Maria slammed Michael's plate and shake down on the table, sloshing some out. Then, she gently placed Max's food in front of him. "Here you go," she said to Max with a smile, handing him a bottle of Tabasco sauce. "I thought you might wanna use it with your milkshake." "Thanks Maria," Max smiled back warmly. "And where's mine honey?" he said in a sickeningly sweet voice. "Sorry baby, I must have forgotten," and she turned to walk arrogantly away. Michael jumped up suddenly, clanking the silverware. He grabbed Maria's elbow and twisted her around, making her drop her tray. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Maria shouted. "We need to talk," he whispered harshly. "Oh, and I thought things were going so well between us," she squeeked. Michael guided her to the back of the cafe, startling Liz who was leaning against the wall. "Oh," said Liz. "I was just-" "Get out," Michael stated. "But-" stuttered Liz. "But, but- we have something important to talk about, so make like a bread truck and haul buns missy," he said while pushing her out the swinging door. "Now," Michael said as he turned to Maria and looked at her coldly. "I'm not used to having my ego busted and nobody treats me the way you just did." "Well, Mr. Hypocrite, who do you think you are?" "Shut up, I guess now that we've stopped avoiding each other we're gonna fight everytime we see each other so you won't try to attack me like you did before." "What? Who attacked whom? If this is how you're gonna act, then I wish we had stuck to avoiding each other!" Maria screamed, pushing away from him and stomping towards the door. Michael suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to him. "You don't wanna do that," he said. "Yes I do. You don't wanna do this," she whispered against his face. "Yes we do," he said with a rare smile and kissed her well.

"What was that about?" asked Liz with bewilderment. "I don't even know," Max answered with a laugh. "Putting those two together is like shaking up a can of soda." "Yeah," said Liz. "You know what's gonna happen, but you just have to do it anyway!" Max gave Liz his slow smile. " I can relate." Just then, Michael burst through the double doors and ambled back to his seat. He gave Liz a "beat it" look and she wandered back to find Maria. "Max, quit staring, and start eatin', you're already too skinny," Michael urged. "Thanks a bunch Michael," Max mumbled and took a bite of his burger while Michael wolfed his. When they were finishing off their meals, Isabel wisked into the room. "Hard work finding you guys," she said, rolling her eyes. "And why is that"? Michael asked. "I know how much you two love the food, and everything else here," she said. Michael was about to protest when Isabel broke in "Come on Max, lets go. Mom needs us to peel potatoes and stuff gizzards or something." Max sighed, "Let the ritual begin." As he stood up and left a large tip. Michael just got up. "I'll be seein' you." "Michael, you're coming over tomorrow right? We're making your favorite blackberry pie," Isabel coaxed him. "No, that's ok, I've never been big on family bonding and football," he said and began to push open the door. Max grabbed his shoulder. "Don't be like that, you know it wouldn't be the same without you." "I said that's ok," and he left the restaurant. "What is with him lately?" Isabel asked sadly. Max just shrugged.

"What is with you and Michael?" Liz asked Maria after closing. They were mashing potatoes and making pies for the next day. "First you say there's nothing going on, that he's just a "vibrator". Well, he seems like an earthquake to me Maria." "I seriously don't know what you're talking about, and I deny all accusation Miss Parker- I have never had sexual relations with that alien, Mr. Guerin." Liz elboed her sharply in the ribs. "Oh shut up." Maria could hardly stop laughing as she said, "Well, if we're done beating these potatoes, I'm gonna beat it too k?" "Whatever Maria, see ya tomorrow," Liz was not loving Maria's corniness. "Bye baby, see ya." She said as she closed the door behind her. Liz sighed and checked the pies in the oven.

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