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"Roswell 6"
Part 1
by Faith
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Roswell. Jason Katims, TheWB and a whole lotta other people do. I wish I did, cause then I would have Micheal(Brendan Fehr) at my disposal.
Summary: There is a new girl in school, but she is no ordinary girl; she has something special. When she meets up with the gang everything gets turned upsidedown. But it is all for the better.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
V.O.:(Faith) Hi, I'm Faith Lewis, and in the past few days, I have found my soul mates. First I should probably tell you a little about myself. I am 16, I am pretty (by most definitions), I am smart, I am fun to be around (so I am told), and I am an alien. Wait, Wait, now don't freak out, I am not an evil one. Until a few days ago, I thought I was the only one.

My family moved to Roswell, NM, this past weekend and I just finished my first week of school at West Roswell High. Surprisingly, it wasn't as super pathetic as I thought it would be. But that is a result of the "people" I met up with.

{Biology class, shows Faith sitting at her station. Right next to Max and Liz's station. She is looking around boredly. Yawns)

First period was Biology. I was a little nervous, bored, tired, and trying to avoid falling asleep my first day. Then Max Evans came in.

{Max enters, Faith Sits up a little. Smiles to herself. He sits next to Liz, they exchange shy smiles. Faith notices this, she casually drops her books on the floor and Liz politely lends a hand. Down on the ground.)

Faith: Is that guy sitting next to you a total hotty, or am I the only one who notices?

Liz: You, you like him?

Faith: I never introduced myself, I'm Faith Lewis.

Liz: Liz Parker. Faith: No I do not like him,(Liz gives a little sigh of relief) I don't even know him. I am just noticing that he is absolutely gorgeous, I mean totally sexy. It's just kind of a perk to have a hot guy in your bio class. But what the hell...

Teacher: Ok class, take your seats.

Faith: Here we go.

(Liz smiles, and gives a little giggle.)

(At lunch Maria and Alex are sitting over under a tree, Liz comes walking up with Faith.)

Liz: Alex, Maria, this is Faith.

(They exchange greetings and Liz and Faith sit down.)

Faith: I have Spanish with you don't I?

Maria: (Smiles and begins to giggle a little.) You're the girl who told Mr. Garcia to piss off in French.

Faith: That's me. How was I supposed to know he spoke 5 different languages and one of them just happened to be French? He is only supposed to speak two.

(Liz and Alex laugh.)

Liz: You told MR. GARCIA to piss off? He is like the most heinous teacher you will ever meet.

Faith: What can I say, didn't like his teaching style.

(They Laugh again, then Maria stops and looks angrily at Michael sitting with Max and Isabel at a table. Faith sees the look on her face and turns to see Michael.)

Faith: I have art with that guy.

Maria: Michael?

Faith: Yeah, he actually came today. I hear he does not come often. I got this weird vibe from him, like he was something else.

Alex: Something else?

Faith: Yeah, this is gonna sound really weird to you guys I am sure, but he seemed otherworldly. Kinda familiar.

(She smiles a little to herself. Maria, Alex, and Liz, all exchange looks of confusion.)

Faith: Look this was a whole lotta fun, and thanks for inviting me to sit with you Liz, but I have to go study. I am taking an entrance exam today. Keep your fingers crossed.

(Faith smiles and walks away.)

Maria: Does anyone else think that she was saying something totally different from what she was saying?

Liz: What are you talking about Maria?

Maria: Like maybe she's an alien....or, or she likes Michael.

Liz: Maria, she does not like Michael.

Alex: Yeah don't get all paranoid on us.

Liz: Yeah and she is not an alien that is totally impossible.

Maria: I guess....

Alex: Hey guys, I am gonna try out for the football team.

Maria: (laughing) You? Why?

Alex: (Makes an annoyed face at her and kicks her in the leg, she flinches.) Because I want to impress Isabel, maybe she will think I am manly if I join the team.

(Maria and Liz continue laughing.)

(Faith is walking by Michael, Max and Isabel. As she passes the three all look up at her. She acts like she does not notice, she goes to the vending machine.)

Isabel: Whoa, what was that?

Max: She is in my Biology class, did you guys feel that?

Michael: I felt it, like a rush throughout my entire body. She is in my art class. I got that same feeling while she was washing her hands right next to me. She hit Sandy Grady with her paintbrush for saying she looked like a hooker in those clothes. IT was funny.

(Isabel laughs a little.)

Isabel: I am gonna go get a soda.

(Isabel stands and walks over to the vending machine, she is rummaging in her bag for a quarter. Looks at Faith.)

Isabel: Excuse me,(taps Faith on the shoulder), do u have a quarter I can borrow I am short one.

Faith: (smiles) Yeah,(hands her one, as there hands touch they both get a flash. Faith looks at Isabel with a terrified look in her eyes, and she walks away. Isabel stands there for a minute. Then walks back to the table)

Max: What happened?

Isabel: I got a flash, and I am pretty sure she did too because she looked scared and walked away like she was mad or something. Max do you think that it is possible that she is...

Michael: (interrupting) an alien from our planet?

(Max looks around)

Max: I don't know, that is kind of doubtful though.

(Michael and Isabel look unsatisfied)

(Faiths room later on that night. She is sleeping on her bed with a book resting on her chest. Michael comes in through the window and walks quietly over to her. He goes to grab the book and she grabs his hand. He jumps a little.)

Faith: How do you know where I live?

Michael: I followed you.

Faith: Well hi, and bye, get your ass out. (Smiles)

Michael: You're an alien.

Faith: Bold statement...why do u think that?

Michael: When Isabel touched you today she got a flash.

Faith: So?

Michael: OK! Fine, u don't have to tell me. But i know. (He starts to leave.)

Faith: Well, ok wait? (He turns)

Faith: Why did Isabel have a flash?

Michael: Why do you think?

Faith: God, don't play games with me Michael. Unless you've graduated from the antics of 5th graders, I don't wanna hear it.

Michael: Ok, we're aliens.

Faith:(looks shocked) thought I was gonna have to weasel it out of you. I am too. (Faith looks like she is gonna cry.)

(Maria is sitting at a table doing her homework. Michael walks up and sits next to her. She looks over and rolls her eyes.)

Michael: Ohh God, Maria. Don't do that, I came over to tell you some exciting news.

Maria: (looks at him, intrigued) What?

Michael: You know Faith?

Maria: Yeah?

Michael: She is a Czechoslovakian.

Maria: Like our kind of Czechoslovakian?

Michael: Yep

Maria: OH MY GOD!!! I told Liz and Alex that yesterday.

(Michael laughs)

(Over by the Snack bar Faith is watching Michael and Maria. She smiles and concentrates on them really hard. A few seconds later Michael is kissing Maria. Smiling, Faith walks away.)

(She is standing a few feet away from the football tryouts where Alex is attempting to try out. Isabel is watching. When Alex get injured, Faith focuses on Isabel. Isabel runs over and helps Alex up. After they sit down on a bench, she is looking at him sweetly. Faith walks away laughing. Then she runs into Max.)

Faith: Sorry.

Max: It's ok, Faith.

Faith: (smiles) Did Michael tell you what we talked about last night?

Max: Yes

Faith: And?

Max: And I am shocked.

Faith: You pissed?

Max: Nah, just confused.

Faith: So you and Liz?

Max: What about me and Liz?

Faith: You two would make a cute couple.

Max: I really don't wanna talk about it.

Faith: Why? Touchy subject? Are you one of those guys who doesn't ever talk to anyone about their problems? You know, keep it all bottled up inside?

Max: I don't really wanna talk about it.

(Faith Laughs)

Faith: Ok, nuff said.

(Max laughs a little.)

(Later that night, Faith's phone rings. She slowly picks up the receiver.)

Faith: Hello?

Isabel: (On the other end of the phone.)Hey, this is Isabel.

Faith: Oh, hey Isabel.

Isabel: What are you doing tonight?

Faith: Reading Ulysses, my favorite book.

Isabel: Well, how would you feel about going out with us?

Faith: And who is us?

Isabel: Maria, Michael, Me, Alex, Liz, and Max.

Faith: (smiles) Ok, yeah sure.

Isabel: It is a celebration, I worked all day at a day care. Only to get fired for yelling at one of the kids for asking me how old I was.

Faith: Why did you yell at her for that?

Isabel: Because she was pissing me off the way she looked at me. It was scary.

Faith: You are too sensitive.

Isabel: Ok, I gotta get ready. Later

Faith: Bye.

(Hangs up the phone.)

(Fifteen minutes later, Max, Michael and Isabel drive up. Faith runs out of the house and jumps in the back seat with Michael. They look at each other kind of weird, and both smile. Then Max peels out.)

(In the car, the music is blaring. Max and Isabel can't hear Michael and Faith.)

Michael: I know what you did for Maria and I this morning.

Faith: What are you talking about?

Michael: Don't play games with me Faith.

Faith: Sooo what? You needed some, I could tell. And so did Maria.

Michael: Thanks, really. (He smiles at her.)

Faith: Oh my God, did you just thank me.

(Michael laughs.)

(They arrive at the bar, and get out of the car)

Faith: Is this a karaoke bar?

Michael: Yeah, it was Maria's idea.

Faith: This is gonna be a long night.

(Michael laughs, they walk in and go over to the table that the others have chosen.)

Liz: Hey, Faith, come here.

(Faith walks over and sits next to Liz. Maria and Michael are sitting next to each other, but Michael is looking at Faith. Max is on one side of Liz. Isabel and Alex are cuddling.)

Liz: (Whispering) What is going on? Isabel and Alex, Michael and Maria being civil?

(Faith laughs.)

Waitress on the Microphone: OK, tonight is open mic night. Any volunteers.

(Faith raises her hand.)

Maria: Are you gonna sing?

Faith: No You are!!

(Maria looks shocked and everyone starts cheering, She slowly walks up there.)

Maria: OK OK!!! I am up here, I am gonna sing.

(Maria sings "If you had My Love". Everyone claps, and we all laugh and cheer.)

Liz: Good job!!

Maria: Ha HA!!

Faith: Ohh brilliant!!

Maria: (laughs) But not really.

( Faith focuses on Liz and Max. She pushes the glass over and it falls in Max's lap.)


(Liz goes to help him clean it up and they look into each other's eyes. They lunge and kiss. Michael give Faith a look, she smiles and he stands up. He walks up to the stage and grabs the microphone. The intro music to "Truly, Madly, Deeply" comes on. Michael begins to sing the words, skipping over some of them, and attempting to sing to Maria.)

Liz: I am trying to have fun tonight, and boy oh boy am I!

(Faith laughs, Michael comes back and sits down. Maria is staring at him. Faith is soo proud of herself for getting everyone together, she smiles quietly. Then she looks over and Max is writing something on a napkin.)

"I love you for more reasons than I can tell I need you for more reasons than I wanna admit I feel you close to me and I can feel How I never wanna touch another You are my heart My soul My skin My star The reason I live"

(That was Max's poem, one guess who it was about.)

V.O: (Faith) That is my story about how I got to know the incredible Roswell six. Funny, sad, and life changing, lets face it: I never wanna be a part of any other group.


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