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"Never Doors"
Part 1
by Hallie
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: this takes up where "The Toy House" left off. Max and Isabel contemplate their relationships with Liz and Alex.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is a pretty rough copy and a little short. Be nice to me.
Isabel walked into her room and punched a pillow.The stuffing splayed out demonstrating her hidden strength.

"Damn it!" she fumed.She hadn't ever liked hiding their true selves from their mother, now it had gone way past hiding it. Now they were lying about it. Supposedly Max had had this big talk to her about it.

Making it alright like he always did. But it wasn't alright.Her mother thought she was in some kind of cult or something, and her usually totally in control life was suddenly spinning wildly out of control.

She wanted to tell her. So bad. She remembered the orphanage. Her mother coming to get them.The yellow sweater. The sun.

Back then she didn't even know that she had powers. She remembered when Max healed that pigeon, and remembered sometime wanting something then getting it. She hadn't found out she could dreamwalk till last year.

A knock at the window scared her out of here reverie. Micheal, probably. Wanting to know how it went. Then give some mumbled apology and be gone.

She walked to the window and opened the curtains that were usually closed to prying eyes.


He grinned shyly and motioned to open the window. She did.


"Don't people come through doors anymore?" she said, trying to regain her composure. He stared at my pillow and raised an eyebrow at her.

"I got a little stressed, alright?"

He raised his hands in a "mean no harm" gesture.

"What are you doing here, anyway?"

"I was worried. You seemed a little, um, flustered at school.Liz told me about the argument she had with Max, and I just came by to check in," he said way too fast.

God she looks beautiful, he marveled. He could see that she was rapidly gaining her icy exterior again, but her face softened a little, when she heard of his worry. Actually, he had gone to Max, first, to see if everything was okay. Then, desperate to talk to someone, he told Alex about their mom. Who knew how hard it was to be an alien? he said to himself.


Max lye awake in his bed, listening to Counting Crows. He knew Alex was over in Izzy's room. It was nice of him to come by. He seemed like a good guy. His mind flashed through the series of events over the last few days.Putting out that fire, his mom confronting him, talking to Liz at the Crashdown.

His mind pondered that thought for a while. She had looked so beautiful, doing a horrible job at hiding the pain in her eyes. I'm not doing a great job, either, he mused. He realized only then why he had broken up with Liz. It wasn't about being out of balance. Hell, that was love. He was a damn coward. He was just plain scared.

"That's right, you're a coward and a fool. How stupid can you be!"

"I think I can answer that." a voice said.


She was crouching at his open window, which he left open for Micheal.

"Hi. Can I come in?" Liz asked warily.

"Yeah." He walked over and offered his hand. She took it and stepped inside. He held her hand for a moment longer than he was supposed to, and felt his face grow hot. Well Don Juan, he thought, you blew that one.

"I just wanted to come by and say I was sorry for yelling at you at the Crashdown. I hadn't had the best day."

Man, her being there was almost too much for him. She was wearing a soft red turtle neck and jeans. The simplicity was gorgeous.He opened his mouth, but words failed him. He tried again. "I'm sorry.I had no right to meddle in your life.It's just the thought of you with that guy makes me sick."

She chuckled. "Me? With Kyle? Uh-uh, no way!"

"What about-?"

"Me being nice to him? I know. But we're cool now. He actually apologized!" she said looking horrified.

He laughed. For the first time in a couple of days, he actually laughed!

"You know I would say that his body had been taken over by aliens, but that wouldn't really be appropriate."

"So, you want to tell me what happened?" she said seriousely.

"What do you-?"

"I know you, Max. You aren't usually cranky." He told her. For the second time that night, he told someone.This time he said how he felt. So this is what they mean about pouring your soul out, he thought.

Liz sat on the bed and listened to Max's story. She suddenly felt really guilty about blowing up at him. Sure she had to go through the slop bucket, but she didn't have to hide the fact that she was an alien from her mother.

After he finished there was a long silence.

"Thanks." Max said suddenly.

"For being straight with me. I guess I am a little controlling. Sorry."

"You were right Max. You are who you are. You can't change that. I wouldn't want you to."

Isabel sat sobbing in Alex's arms.She couldn't beleive she was doing this. Crying? In front of someone? Not Isabel Evans.

But Alex was different. He wasn't going to laugh at her, or spread it around school that Isabel Evans was weak.

Extra, Extra. He was just going to sit here stroking her hair and every once in a while planting a peck on the top of her head. Letting her know he cared. She cried until there were no tears left and straightened up.She turned away and erased the tear stains frome her face and and straightened her hair with a wave of her hand. She smiled wanly."I told you I was human."

"You okay, Iz?"

"Yeah. I'll be alright."

"I guess I should go, huh?" "I guess so." He stood there as if deciding something. He walked over to her and planted a long, sweet kiss that enveloped her into a sea of safety and comfort.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he said and was gone. "See you." Isabelle whispered softly.


"I have to go," Liz said after one of those knee-weakening gazes from Max.


"Because I'm getting a major feeling of de ja vu and if I don't leave now, things are going to start all over again. And I don't think I can handle it until I'm fully healed.I love you, Max. But I think you need time to think about what you want from us, before you even make an us." Then she was gone.

Max flopped onto his bed. He'd be listening to Counting Crows for a while.

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