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"Home Economics"
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by Jamie
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or any of the characters. I make no money off of them. If I offend anyone sorry.
Summary: Everyone gets paired up for a home ec assignment.
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Rating: PG
Maria was looking for Michael all day. “He probably skipped out on the rest of school,” she thought. She was on her way to her car when she saw him, coming out of the Art room.

“Drawing more geodesic domes,” she asked.

“The map from the ritual thing” Michael said.

“Okay, I know that you are not into this stuff but you and I are married” Maria said before she thought about it.

“Could you repeat that?” Michael said ignoring his heart.

“For school, we are married for the home ec project” she said a little more calmly.

“Right we are married for the project, don’t suppose we could get a divorce,” he said trying to make a joke.

“That might not be a bad idea,” she said covering up the hurt.

“What” he managed to say.

“It could be a good angle to the project we could work separately but still do the project I wonder if Ms. Kline will let us. I will ask her before school is over, also here is your job” she said handing him a piece of paper.

“My job” he looked confused.

“Yes you are an adult you have a job well it might be called a job you are an artist, somewhatly known, and I am your manager” she said trying not to smile when she was with him.

“I am an artist well I can do that” he said, “You are my manager what does that mean.”

“It means I manage your career, take care of the money, that kind of thing,” she explained.

“If you take care of the money we must be broke” he said teasing her.

“You never know I might be very good with numbers,” she said.

“I doubt that” he said.

“There is a lot you don’t know about me Michael,” she said as she left him standing.

“You are probably right” Michael said as he watched her walk away.

“Liz” Kyle was trying to catch up to her.

“Kyle” she said nervously she never knew what to expect from him.

“We are partnered together for the home ec assignment,” he said.

“We are, what are we, I mean” Liz started to say but stopped.

“We are in the dating stage, I heard you ask Maria to get your information but here it is just in case I think she was upset with her luck in partners” Kyle said handing her a piece of paper.

“Thank you, whose Maria’s partner,” she asked as she read the paper. She was a graduate student working at a pre-school and was dating Kyle a high school football coach.

“Michael” he said looking at her eyes.

“She’s probably is upset I’d better go see her, thanks Kyle for getting my information. I will see you later we can plan out what to then okay” she said not sure what else to say.

“Bye Liz” he said and walked away, he’d let her get used to him again.

“Bye” she called after him.

“Hey” Alex said as he popped up from nowhere it seemed.

“Hi Alex,” she said happy they were talking again.

“So I see Kyle informed you that the two of you are paired for the assignment,” he said leading her to their next class.

“Yes, I think it will go good, I mean we can try to become friends or something” she said hopeful.

“Or something is more likely, but I am a little nervous about mine” he said.

“Why” Liz said raising one eyebrow with her question.

“Because I am marrying Isabel,” he said sounding amused.

“I mean you take away the fact that I have already been threaten by three of her admires, and that she is the most beautiful girl in school, I know something about her that know one else does and that changes things doesn’t it” he said never seeing Isabel come up behind him.

“Maybe that’s why I marrying you because you know my secret and it doesn’t scare you,” she said looking to Liz “Hi Liz.”

“Isabel” Liz said “Maybe I should leave you to alone you have a wedding to plan after all” Liz said going into the classroom.

“Thanks Liz” Alex said. “Isabel…” he started to say.

“They didn’t hurt you did they” Isabel said finding herself caring if Alex got hurt.

“Who, no they just said that it was an assignment that I shouldn’t think that it was real” Alex surprised that she cared.

“Good, I thought that we could meet after school at the crash down and discuss the plans” she said.

“Alright I will see you there” Alex said as the bell rang for class “I have to go in, to this afternoon my dear” he said taking her hand and kissing it, wondering what had gotten into him.

Isabel stood their shocked “Thank you” she said regaining herself and smiled.

School was over and Max was waiting for Michael to come so that they could go. Max knew that the teacher had kept Michael after class to yell at him about something, he always had something to yell at Michael about.

“Maxwell, ready” Michael said putting his books into the back of the jeep.

“Yes, what did Mr. Cover have to say today” Max asked as he started the jeep.

“The usual that I need to apply myself, aren’t we waiting for Isabel” Michael asked.

“No she got a ride with some friends said she was going to the crash down to work on her home ec project” Max answered.

“So who’d you get paired up with, let me guess Liz it would figure I get Maria as my wife and you and Liz are what” Michael started.

“No actually I have two girls,” he said mischievously.

“Ms. Kline gave you a two girls, that really isn’t fair,” Michael said knowing he wasn’t saying something.

“Yes your right, but than again what is a single father to do” Max explained.

“A single father of two girls, what ages” Michael asked.

“Two and four, it seems my wife died two years ago in childbirth tragic really, I don’t think I am over it yet” Max said trying not to laugh, but failing.

“And I thought being to Maria was bad” Michael said in between laughs.

“I doubt that” Max said looking at Michael.

“Okay so maybe bad isn’t the right word, it just going to be wired that’s all” Michael said as they pulled up to the crash down.

“You never know Michael maybe being married will improve your outlook on Maria” Max said.

“Save your fatherly advice for your kids Maxwell” Michael said as they walked into the crash down.

Maria was waiting on table 5 which had Alex and Isabel in it, and Liz was talking to Kyle in a booth near the back.

“That’s not a pleasant sight, wanna leave” Michael asked, knowing he did but wasn’t going to.

“No you have to talk to Maria and I have to come up with names for my daughters” Max said sitting at a table by the door.

Liz looked up and saw Max and Michael come in. She tried to keep her mind on what Kyle was saying, but she kept looking at Max.

Kyle knew Max had walked in the second Liz’s attention went he knew where it was going, to Max. Always to Max but she had to work with him for a week and maybe he could do something to make her feel something for him again, after all, Max did something in one day, he had a whole week.


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