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"Another Great Year"
Part 2
by Jenn-Jenn
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Summary: Here’s Part 2 of Another Great Year -- back by popular demand. Thanks to everyone who sent me e-mails and encouraged me to keep going with this story. Hope this feeds the hunger until the real season starts!
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From Part 1:
Scene 9
(Flashes to everyone. Liz is writing in her journal. Max is lying awake in bed. Michael is staring at the TV. Isabel has a fashion magazine she’s flipping through. Alex is strumming his bass. Maria is lighting incense in her room. Kyle and his dad are watching Sports Center and laughing.)
September 25, 2000
Destiny is a weird thing. It sets an inevitable path that you must take — no matter how much you don’t want to. And what makes it even harder is realizing that everyone’s destiny is tied up together in one big knotted ball of yarn. I just hope things don’t come unraveled …cause it’s a terrible thing when destiny takes an unexpected turn.
(She is looking at the glow print on her stomach in the mirror.)
Scene 10:
(A mouth speaks into a telephone receiver.) Voice: "They’re here. Send in the troops."


Scene 11:
(The halls at West Roswell are packed with students scurrying to first period. A very good-looking guy is putting books in his locker, when Isabelle walks up to her locker right beside his.)

Tino: (With a slight Spanish accent) Excuse me? I’m new here, and I just had a change in my schedule. Could you tell me where the Art Classes are?

Is: Oh, um, sure. Down that hallway on the left.

Tino: Thanks. By the way, my name is Tino, my family just moved here from Galveston.

Is: Hi Tino. I’m Isabelle.

Tino: Nice to meet you. You’re not Isabelle Evans, by chance?

Is: Yeah. How did you know that?

Tino: I heard some folks talking about Homecoming Queen nominees for the Junior Class, and well, one look at you kind of gives you away. (They smile at each other) Thanks for the directions. I’m sure I’ll run into you again some time.

Is: No problem. I’ll see you around, Tino.

Tess: (walking up) Who was that? (There is a beeping in the background.)

Is: I don’t know. But I hope I find out. (Isabelle applies perfect lip gloss with her finger.

Tess: Isabelle, what are you doing? We’re not supposed to do that. At all.

Is: Hey, no one saw me. Besides, old habits die hard.

Tess: Let’s not talk about dying. It creeps me out. I mean, I’m hearing beeping noises all the time now. I can’t sleep at night. Max is totally avoiding me. And just a few minutes ago, I thought I turned Liz into a statue in the hallway just by thinking about it. Something is definitely wrong.

Is: Stop overreacting. It’s been quiet for weeks, months even. If I weren’t stuck with Michael, things would almost be back to normal.

Tess: Isabelle, we are own alien nation. What could be less normal than that?

Scene 12:
(Liz and Kyle are sitting in the bleachers on the football field.)

Kyle: It’s really weird. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hide it. I’ve made up more excuses than a tease in the backseat to get out of showering around the guys after practice.

Liz: I think I’m going to have to talk to Max. Maybe he can do something. I was just hoping it would go away on its own, you know.

Kyle: Liz, I can talk to him if you want. I guess things are still kind of weird with you two, huh?

Liz: Beyond weird. I saw Tess standing at his locker today, and I just froze in the middle of the hall. My feet wouldn’t move to save my life. It’s like I’m a glutton for punishment. I just wish I could get over him already.

Kyle: Well, Liz, if you want, maybe we could hang out again. No pressure. You know, just dating some.

Liz: Kyle, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I mean I like hanging out with you, but I’m not ready to date yet. It wouldn’t be fair to you. Kyle: Hey, yeah, whatever. Just a thought. Look, I’ll talk to Max. We’ll figure out what to do.

Liz: Great Kyle. Thanks. Bye. (Kyle walks off. Tess walks up, looking nervous.)

Tess: Liz, can we talk?

Liz: Um.

Tess: It’s very important. Can we meet at the Crashdown after school?

Liz: I guess so.

Tess: Great. Liz, thanks. I wouldn’t ask unless it was extremely important. See you there.

Scene 13:
(Michael walks into the workers’ area at the Crashdown. Maria is at her locker.)

M: Hey.

Maria: (grunt) (Michael stares at Maria with intense concentration. All of a sudden he is grabbing her and pushing her against the lockers and kissing her passionately. Then zap, just like that, they are both standing where they were before. Maria is shaking her head, like "What just happened?")

M: Tess taught me how to do that this summer.

Maria: Michael, don’t you ever do anything like that again. I hate you. Don’t you get it? Ick. I – I – I hate you. (She storms out.)

M: Yep. She still likes me. (Walks to the into the dining area.)

Is: Hey Michael.

M: Hey. Look now, just because you’re, like, my girlfriend or something, doesn't mean you can come here and expect to get free food all the time.

Is: Oh whatever. I’m here looking for Tess.

M: She’s probably somewhere making googly eyes at your brother, our fearless leader.

Is: God, what has gotten under your scales today? Max is at work, and Tess skipped 4th period. I just thought she might be here.

M: Why? Never mind. I haven’t seen her.

Is: Well, fine. (Liz walks up.)

Liz: Hey guys. (Tentatively)

Is: Hi Liz.

Liz: Um, have either of you seen Tess? I was supposed to meet her here like an hour ago.

Is: You were meeting Tess? (Looking at Michael) Are you sure we haven’t already entered an alternate universe?

Liz: I know it’s weird. She asked me if we could talk. She said it was really important.

Is: Actually, I haven’t seen her since lunch. Maybe something’s up at the reservation. You know that’s where she’s been staying since Na- her father had to leave.

Liz: Maybe she left for good? (Looking hopeful)

Is: Guys, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Scene 14:
(Max is at work at the Center. Sheriff Valenti comes in.)

Sheriff: Max? Can I speak to you for a minute?

Max: Sure, Sheriff. What’s up?

Sheriff: There is someone here that needs to speak to you. (Nasedo steps out in Agent Pierce’s form)

Max: What are you doing here? (Whispering and pushing him back into the shadows.)

Pierce: Max. It’s started. You set things into motion when you used the communicators. I came to warn you. Be prepared.

Max: But things have been quiet for a couple of months now. Nothing’s happened.

Pierce: You should be suspicious of everyone. I received an intelligence report. They are coming. They don’t know who you are, but they know where you are. It’s just a matter of time.

Max: How are we supposed to know who the bad guys are?

Pierce: You are equipped. It’s time Max. It’s time. (Pierce quickly slips out of the room.)

Sheriff: Max. You know I’m here to help. You saved my son’s life. I owe you. Just tell me what you need.

Max: I don’t know, Sheriff. I just don’t know. I guess I need to get together and make a plan. We were just going lay low, but now I don’t know.

Sheriff: You’ll do the right thing, son. You have to. Lives depend on it.

Scene 15:
(Alex and Liz are standing at the counter looking towards Isabelle when Max walks in. He stops to whisper something to Isabelle. She hops up and goes to Michael at the grill window. Max heads straight for Liz and Alex.)

Max: We need to talk.

Liz: Hey Max. What’s up?

Max: Not here. Alex, get Maria and Kyle and meet us at the abandoned warehouse near Tess’ house where all the spy equipment is. Be there in an hour. Liz, come with me.

Liz: I can’t, Max. I’m working. No one is here to take my shift. Who is going to cook for Michael? (Nasedo walks up as Agent Pierce in grunge clothes and an apron barely recognizable as Pierce.)

Pierce: Hey, miss. I’ll hold things down here. Looks like you’ve got some important business to take care of.

Liz: (Whispering) Omigod. Is that…?

Max: Liz. It’s started.

Scene 16:
(In the warehouse. Liz and Max are the first ones there.)

Max: Liz. I just want you to know I’m going to protect you. Whatever it takes.

Liz: Max. You don’t have to worry about me. I can take care of myself. You have a whole planet to worry about.

Max: The handprint has come back, hasn’t it?

Liz: How did you know?

Max: That doesn’t matter. But it means you’re marked, Liz. It means that you’re on our side, and they’ll recognize you. I wish I could take you away somewhere and hide you until this is over.

Liz: No Max. I want to help. I’ll do whatever you need me to do.

Max: All I need is to know you trust me. Do you Liz?

Liz: Yes, Max. Of course I do, with all my heart.

Max: Then everything is going to be all right. (They hug. The others come in.)

Maria: What is this all about? (noticing Liz with Max) Lizzie, I can’t believe after all the crap we’ve been through, you’ve come back for more. Tammy Wynette would be so proud.

Liz: Maria, I have to. So do you. We’re a part of this now. And if things were dangerous before, then it’s a million times worse now.

Alex: Hey Maria, calm down. Let’s just hear what they have to say. Okay? (Hugs her and walks her to the corner to calm her down.)

Max: Isabelle, where’s Tess? I thought you were going to get her too.

Is: I can’t find her anywhere. No one has seen her for hours.

Max: Well, we can’t wait. We need get started.

M: So what’s the plan? I take it we’re not going to just lay low anymore.

Max: We’re going to try to use the communicators again. (Pulls the orbs out of his bag.) Maybe, our mother will have more information about who it is we’re up against.

M: Won’t we set off more signals? Isn’t that what Tess has been gabbing about all week?

Is: Max, do you really think that’s what Tess is hearing?

Max: Look, they already know where we are. Nasedo told me that much. But, they don’t know who we are. If we are going to do this, we just have to contact her and get out of here quickly.

M: Okay then. Let’s do it. (Everyone gathers around the communicators. Michael, Max and Isabelle hold them in their hands and concentrate. The image begins to appear.)

Image: My precious ones. It is time. I am scared for your safety. But I know you will do well. Please hurry so that we can be together again soon. Commander Guerrin, Michael, I must tell you that your mother and father are very anxious to see you again. They are safe, but have suffered much losing their only son. Make them proud. They know your purpose is great. And Isabelle and Max, I hope for your safety and your peace. You must be careful. Our enemy is crafty, but you will know them by their darkness. (Image starts to break up) Their symbol is like …. (The image is interrupted and fades out. An image of Tess appears instead. She looks bruised and battered.)

Tess: Help me. Max. Help me. (A shadow falls over her and she screams. Max looks stricken with fear.)

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