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"Roswell Encounters"
Part 1
by jonmart
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: This about two young girls who find a young man and help him find his family.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is only the first chapter, I'm working on several others. I wrote this when I first saw Roswell, it's different, but I hope you like it.
Hi, I'm Marie. What I'm about to tell you may seem bazaar, but you can't tell a single soul, it's really important no one finds out about Michael and his brother. So please be quiet, this is how it began:

I go to Roswell Middle School (R.M.S.). During the eighth grade lunch I was looking for my best friend, Kathryn Hummer, Kat. I was looking outside to see if she was still putting her stuff in the storage shed. I wasn't aloud to go near there because I wasn't in track, so I didn't get to use it for my equipment, if I had any. I went there and the door was shut so I figured she wasn't there. I was about to leave when I heard a loud gasp and someone saying,"Oh-my-god!". It sounded like Kat so I snuck around so a teacher wouldn't see me. I opened the shed door and it made this huge creak, I looked around to see if a teacher had heard or seen me. I looked in and couldn't see anything at first, then, when my eyes became accustomed to the dark, at first it took me a moment to see what had Kat so scared. There was a guy, about our age, with shaggy brownish, blonde hair that looked like it hadn't been cut, as much as combed for a year. Kat was about to scream, but I put my hand over her mouth, "Quiet!" I hissed. So, she shut up. I bent down to get a closer look at this guy. As I looked I saw that he had big groves in his skin, like someone dug his skin out. He looked a lot like a test sample, not like a human.

I was about to take a closer look at his face more, but he moaned. It startled me so stopped and looked back at Kat, she looked petrified. All of a sudden I was grabbed from behind. I would have screamed but my mouth was covered with the guy's hand, I tried to get lose but I couldn't. I was either really scared, or this guy had to be extremely strong, I hadn't me a guy at R.M.S. that I couldn't beat in an arm wrestle.

"Let go of her." Kat said. I was glad she didn't scream it, we weren't supposed to be in the shed. Why I was worried about that when I was being held captive by some run-away, I have no idea.

"Quiet!" He hissed, "Be quiet or she gets it." He warned. I didn't know how I would "get it" or how he would "give it", I just hoped Kat was smart enough to keep her mouth shut.

Well, my hopes were short lived.

"Please, just let Marie go. We'll get a teacher to take you the nurse or something," she said quietly, she was crying.

"NO!" He said strongly. I noticed the hand that held my arm had moved up to my temple. I think he had put it there when he said I would get it. The only reason I didn't notice it then was that it was a normal temperature, now it was getting real hot, real fats.

I slowly reached up and pressed on hand against the hand on my head, and took the other hand away from my mouth. "Please don't," I said kindly. The hand started cooling as I took it away from my head. I caught a quick glimpse of his hand, the center of his palm was glowing! It went out just as I saw it. "Thank you," He was about to say something but he fainted cold.

"Lets get out of here." Kat begged.

"No, we have to take him to my house so we can help him." Kat obviously didn't like the idea of skipping school for some mangy guy, but she knew I was right so she didn't argue. We skipped the rest of school and took him to my room so we could clean him up.

I was so thrilled! I knew something was up and I love adventures. It also didn't hurt that the guy was extremely hot. I knew something was going on and I was going to find out what it was.


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