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"A Feeling Of Belonging"
Part 1
by Katie
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I looked at the cave one more time before I headed down the mountian to the indian resevation I had grown up on.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" River Dog said to me coming out of the cave and into the light.

"I have too. I must know my brother and his friends. I have felt alone without my own kind around." I said stoping in my tracks. I turned around to see River Dog.

"But you've had me. Your father died and left you in my care. The pod you were in hatched in 1989. i raised you as my own. While you've grown up I've urged you to learn to use your powers, to be careful and I've loved you as much as any father could." River Dog said taking one last chance to convince me to stay with him.

"I know you love me papa. But I have to find my real family, my own kind." I said quickly giving River Dog a hug.

"Just remember I do love you Katie."

We both walked down to the reservation. I had said all my goodbyes earlier so nobidy was waiting to see me off. My jeep was in front of River Dog's house. All I had to do was get in and drive away. I said goodbye one last time to him. He gave me a gift but said not to open it until I was in Roswell and in my new apartment. I drove away, my thoughts on my brother, Michael and if he knew he had me.

An hour later i arrived in Roswell, New Mexico. I drove down Pine stree to stop infront of a 6 story apartment building. This was were I was going to live. I had already enrolled in the local high school, me being 17 and all I needed an education. I also made certain that Michael was going there. I also got a daily job, working at the Crashdown. Although I didn't need a job. River Dog made sure money wasn't a problem for me. I walked into the building. Then pulled out a piece of paper and read it.

"71 Pine St. Apart. 8." I continued up the stairs, when I found #8 I pulled out a set of keys and opened the door. I walked in to see the place furnished. Against the far wall was an entertainment center with all the best equipment. A 27 inch Sony t.v., a sony v.c.r. with a bout a million bottons, and next to that was a very exspensive stero systam. Then in front was a blue carpet on the oak wood finished floor. Then a small round type couch that was fit for maybe two people. Off to the right was a picture window. I peared out to see my jeep. I walked to the left of the room and through an archway close to the door. i found the kitchen. i t had a stove, fridge, cubburds, and a table in the middle. All the cubburds were full. With dishes, food, silverwear, pots and pans. I then went to the door next to the kitchen. I found my room, it was huge. The window to the far side was a sitting window. It already had cushions, it could also open and lead out onto the fire escape. Against the wall was my double size bed. Covered with a solid blue comfator and white sheets. in front of the bed was a bookself filled with books I had never read. Then against the other wall was a very interesting laptop, sitting on a desk, which had a very comfortable chair. The laptop was transparent and blue, next to the desk on the floor was paper, binders, a bookbag and everything I need for school. The last thing I saw was by the window a tall eight draw dresser. I left the room. I found the bathroom and found it contained all sorts of excesseries. I looked in the mirror. i was tall, reaching a hight of 5'9". I had short black hair, which I kept a little spiky on top. I was skinny, some people thought I was anerxious. But when they saw me eat, the thought went straight from theor minds. It was just they way I was, I had a nice figure and everything. I always wore a mixture of black, my cargos all black, my t-shirts, sweaters. But now I was wearing a pair of deep gray cargos, a green shirt that fit very snuggly. My woredrobe was completed by my big black army boots and a leather jacket that didn't pass my waist by much. Right then I wondered what Michael looked like. What he was like. I saw him from the shadows when he had been at the reservation, but he had his back to me. That had been when I found out there were more like me and that Michael was my brother. I had only seen what Max, Isabel, Liz and Maria lokked like. That's how I knew I'd find Mickael, through them.

The next day I was driving down the street which lead to my new school. I saw a jeep that looked alittle like mine, so I pulled in beside it. Plus it ws the only avialable parking space left, I got out. Today I was wearing a pair of black cargos, a slick black t-shirt, my army boots and leather jacket. i had my bookbag over my head, and the srtap rested on my shoulder, while the bag itself rested by my hip and swung as I walked towards the school. I already had my schedual. In each of my classes eith Michael, Max, Isabel, Liz or Maria were there. I went to my locker and opened it. I put my things in it. When I got to the bottom of my bag I found the gift River Dog had given me. I opened it to find a long silver chain with a medallian on the end. I placed it around my neck. It came to rest on my abdomen. I looked at the symbol on the medallian. I had never seen it before today, yet I knew it. It seemed all to familiar to me. I then went to my first class, english. I walked in, to reconize Liz and Maria. I also knew Michael was in this class, but I didn't know who he was.

"Ah, you must be Katie Marsha;;." the teacher said as I walked through the doors.

"Yeah, thats me." I said looking at the teacher.

"Hi. I'm Mr.Slade. Please take a seat where you can find one." he said stretching his arm and waving it through the room.

I walked to a seat but i turned to notice one of the guys in the class staring intently at my medallian. When he saw me looking at him he turned away. I kept walking and sat infront of him. Mr.Slade went on and taught the class. i had my next class which was science. It went by sensibly fast. After that was lunch. I took my lunch and found a bench outside. Walking a little bit away from the bench was Max, Isabel and the guy that had been staring at me in english.

"He has to be Michael." i said to myself.

"I tell you she knows something." Michael said turning to Max and Isabel, stopping in front of the bench I was sitting at.

"How can yoube so sure Michael?" Isabel asked, questioning Michaels certainty.

"She has the same medallian as you." michael said.

"That doesn't mean anything. it came from the reservation. She might know River Dog, he could of given it to her." Isabel said trying to convince herself that there can't be someone else who know's about them.

"We can't be to safe Michael I ant you to check into it. Make sure she doesn't know anything." Max said taking command of the situation.

"What a I suppost to do." Michael said not sure of how to find out if I knew anything or not. I laughed silently to myself.

"Well first of all what's her name and what does she look like?" Max asked.

"Well her name is Katie Marshall and she looks like. Well me. Same black clotes, leather jacket, short spiky hair. Actually, thats her right there." Michael said turning around to point me out.

At that I slowly stood up. Making it seem like I never heard their conversation. I turned to face them and walked their way. I never looked any of them in the eyes, but just kept walking. After I passed them, I heard Isabel say.

"God, she does look like you Michael. In more ways then just your clothes. You have the same hair, eyes, lips...."

I didn't hear what else she said. Because I walked out of hearing range.

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