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"Battle Scars"
Part 1
by Will0w99
Disclaimer: I don't own the show Roswell nor its characters.
Summary: During summer vacation, Maria and Liz try to find things that will help them feel better about their break-ups with Max and Michael. P:S Max's family is on vacation in New York with Michael and Tess, (Who now lives with him as a long lost sister or something.)
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story is told after Destiny during summer and will be told in three parts. This is the first part and it is PG, but as the story continues, it might turn into PG-13.
"One Galaxy Smoothie, coming up." Liz repeated the order back to the lady at table 5 and went back behind the counter to deliver plates of hot greasy food to the crowded cafe in front. Maria scooted up next to her and started filling Diet Coke into 2 large plastic cups. "Hey," She nudged Liz with her elbow. "Check out those two guys at table 7.

Pretty cute or what?" Maria smiled as Liz glanced over at the table. "No, not cute. The one with the fake blondish hair has a sort of caveman forehead, and the other one," Liz paused, "looks like a sea turtle." She turned to Maria, gave her a sugarcoated smile, and started the blender. Maria set down the cokes on the counter and put her hands on her hips.

"Look, I am going to deliver these Cokes and then you and I are going to have a small conversationo in the backo." Liz ignored her tiny Maria tantrum. Maria grabbed the Cokes and stamped away to deliver them. Liz stopped the blender and poured the drink in a tall glass. Why was she being so short tempered? Of course she knew why. Max Evans. The boys were sitting at his table. They were handsome, but they weren't Max, and Liz would settle for no less. I guess I will just feel horrible forever while Max would have a carefree summer with Tess in New York. she thought as she walked over to table 5 and delivered the smoothie. Oh, I am so pathetic. Liz knew she was right in the middle of the breaking up phase where you absolutely hate the guy. Next, she thought, I start to hate myself, then try to do something new to my image and then just end up looking stupid, then go back to phase one, feeling sorry for myself. Liz went into the back room, where Maria was sitting on the couch. She motioned for Liz to sit down by patting the seat next to her. Liz slouched down on the couch, and just then her father came downstairs from their flat about the cafe. Her parents owned it and it was the most popular place for younger people in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. Of course there wasn't much at all in Roswell, but her parents used that to their advantage by making an Alien based theme cafe. It worked and business had been booming.

"Girls, am not paying you to sit around in the back." He scolded them.

"I must say Mr. Parker, I don't think that your paying us enough." Maria answered back.

"I pay you two enough. People are waiting for their food." He argued back.

"Dad, we were just taking a break. We'll be working in 5 minutes." Liz explained.

"10 minutes." Maria smiled at Mr. Parker. He looked back at the girls suspiciously and grumbled under his breath as he made his was back upstairs to do more paperwork. Liz turned her attention back to Maria.

"Look, " She began. "I know how hard it as been for you this summer and I want to help." Maria stood up from the couch and pulled her uniform up.

"Stop, what are you doing?" Liz said, completely shocked at what her friend was doing.

"Relax, look." She said, pointing to her upper thigh. a tribal sort of inscription was tattooed all across her leg.

"You got a tattoo?" Liz whispered, she was even in more shock than before.

"No, wow, your mind is in a whole other strange place today."Maria said, sounding slightly disgusted, "It's Henna. You know, that Indian paint that dyes the skin. I know it sounds strange, but when I got mine, I don't know, it made me feel better about me and Michael. It felt like my life was changing for the better. It takes a few hours but it really helped. It was a mind body soul cleansing experience. I think you should go get one."

Maria sat back down on the couch but the henna was still a bit visible. "So do you want to get one?" Maria smiled. "It washes off in like three weeks and its not toxic and it doesn't hurt." Maria paused, "And if it doesn't help, I buy you that new CD, okay?"

Liz still wasn't sure. Would some little painting on her arm really feel better about Max and her. What was stopping her? And what would Liz lose of she did get the Henna? Nothing. she thought. "Okay, I'm game."

"Great." Maria smiled. "We'll go tonight. I know your just going to love it."

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