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"You Can Still Be Free"
"Being Green"
Part 4
by Mellissa
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Summary: Tegan POV
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
I threw myself on the bed after Evan shoved Em and I out of his room. Stupid boy.

Stupid alien crap. What's the point of being me if I get nothing out of it? I'm not allowed to use my powers unless it's life or death, and that never happens in Roswell.

I can't believe no one knows about us yet. Dad runs the UFO Center for Christ's sake! We look sorta like them, too. I mean, I'm so gorgeous, who can actually believe I'm from this planet?

"Tegan, what ya thinking about?" Em asks from her bed.

"Why being an alien sucks."

"And why is that?"

"Well, just think about it. Dad harps on never telling anyone, and we're only here because Uncle Max told Aunt Liz. Aunt Liz told Mom, and that was the end of that."

"I can see your point," Em replies, thoughtfully.

"This just sucks. So, how's Boston?" I ask, changing the subject.

Em shrugs. "About the same. I really like it there. I'm going to live there after college is done."

"You're not coming back home?" I ask. Personally, I admire her. I wouldn't have the guts to live away from Roswell. Everything I've ever known is here.

"No. There's nothing for me here," Em says softly.

"What's there for you in Boston?" I ask. Emily suddenly stands.

"Nothing. It's just better there," she says quickly.

"Em, is there someone there for you?" I ask.

She's quick to deny it. "Of course not."

"Emmie, you can tell me," I assure. For a minute it looks as though she's going to confide in me.

"Em, Mom and Dad want you downstairs," our little sister, Harley, says through the door. Em sighs.

"See ya later, Teg," she says. She moves to the door, opens it, and is gone.

I wonder what she's hiding.

Twenty minutes later, I'm in the middle of algebra homework when I hear screaming downstairs. It worries me because as much as my parents argue, they never scream. Hatred is never in their voices. Emily is screaming, Mom is screaming, and Dad is just talking in a raised tone. He never has yelled that I can remember.

"I hate you!" Em shrieks, and I hear the door slam. And there's nothing.

What's Em so worked up about? Was it what she and Ev were talking about when I rushed in?

I should probably be more worried about my sister, but the reminder that I'm suddenly free this Friday instead of having a date with the ultimate guy at school, Freddie Jacks, makes me forget Em's misery. And wallow in my own.

It's not easy being an alien. Especially a gorgeous, popular one. Aunt Izzy will understand. She lived my life.

I'll have to ask her how she survived being fourteen with Daddy around.

Otherwise, I'll go insane.

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