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"Us Six Against the World "
Part 15
by Linda
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"My sister and her husband had just started their own family, and their babies were very young. Since we didn't know how many years it might take us to get to the distance star, or the planet around it, we put our children and ourselves in deep freeze pods until we were at least within a few months of the planet. Then we would come out of deep freeze and when we got to the planet safely, and knew we could survive, we would open the pods for the children."

He turned back around from the window to see the three who were now on the edge of their seats. They knew they were some of those children.

"There were several families on my sister's ship, and several on mine, and several families on each of the twelve ships that came to this planet."

Jordan came back to sit down. He studied each anxious face and then sighed.

"Your parents were on the ship with you when it crashed. They did not make it. And we didn't know any of you had until a few months ago when we had the proof. When you saved the girl Max, you brought a lot of attention back on the city of Roswell, and this caught our eye as well."

Max's eyes widened but he waited. None of them wanted to interrupt the story until Jordan was done.

"There had been rumors of survivors, but that they too had been found, and well, tortured to death." Jordan swallowed and raked a hand through his white hair. Even after all these years, the thought of what had happened to his sister and the other families still haunted him.

"When the rumors started spreading about Roswell again a few months ago, and this time we heard word of a healing, and silver hand prints, I knew it could be true. That someone from that crash had survived. So I started my own investigation and have been studying the city of Roswell now, for months."

"When I was sure it was you three that had survived and had to have been some of the children in the pods, I knew I had to come to you. But I waited for the right time, and was almost too late." Jordan frowned, but pushed that thought aside since it was in the past, and he had something very important to share with them.

"I didn't tell you that my sister and her husband had tribirth. And that their three children all born together, were about a year old when they were put into the pods."

The three gasped and exchanged looks, but waited for Jordan to continue. “Yes, you three are my sister's children. I'd know you anywhere." Jordan smiled sadly, but his eyes were also happy at having found a part of his family after all these years.

"You mean Michael" Isabel couldn't say it, she was too afraid to get her hopes up until she heard it from Jordan in exact words.

"Yes, Michael is your real brother, and you two are really brother and sister as well", he nodded to Max and Isabel. "You were all born on the same day, and were very much the pride of your parents."

Michael swallowed but couldn't contain his eyes from filling up. He looked over at Max and Isabel and saw that their eyes too were full.

Isabel was letting the tears stream down her face, while Michael and Max tried to suck in and hold the tears back.

"So you're our uncle?" Isabel asked in a gentle voice, and reached for the man's hand.

Jordan smiled and nodded as he took Isabel's hand.

"And you have been living here. On earth as well? There is no other place to go to?" Michael finally voiced.

"No. We were just leaving the orbit of our planet when it exploded. We almost didn't make it ourselves. We had waited too long, trying to decide where to go."

"Where where are the others from the twelve ships that landed here on earth?" Max asked.

"All around. We all found each other, but we were afraid at first, when we heard what had happened to your ship, and how the humans had reacted. So we all hid in the mountains of this beautiful place, and waited. Finally after several years of quiet, and the rumors had died down, our people started going out among the humans to find their place on this planet."

"Were were we different looking?" Max asked, remembering the question Liz had asked awhile back.

Jordan smiled and then looked sad. "No. One of the reasons we chose this planet was because the humans were very similar to us in looks and genetics. Similar enough that we could live among them, and with them."

All three stared at Jordan. "You mean we are compatible with the humans enough to" Max started.

"For procreation? For loving and having a family with the humans? Yes. But it doesn't work for everyone." He started. Then seeing the disappointment on the three children who had come to love and live among the humans, he continued. "Many of the adults from the original landing have died. But others and their off spring, are living happily throughout the world, among the humans and with the humans. But then there are still others that still feel safe only among their own. And those visitors have formed very comfortable little communities not too unlike the Amish and other such groups."

"How do you know if it's possible to be compatible with the humans?" Michael asked. Max was surprised that it was Michael who asked that. Michael had always been saying that they had to stay away from the humans, to find their own and go home.

"You will know. By the acceptance of the ones you trust with your secrets, and by the love you have for the humans, and that which they return to you. It takes a special kind of human to make a life with one of our kind. Although we are genetically compatible, if not exactly alike, we have found, that the ones who can create a life between the two species, are the ones who truly can live together in love and trust."

"No doubts or fears?" Michael asked, his eyes narrowing.

Jordan laughed. It was the first time they heard the rich mellow sound. “Of course doubts and fears! They are human after all, and as much as we like to say we aren't. We too have similar emotions as I am sure you three have found out." He smiled at their stunned faces.

They had just absorbed so much in so short a time. But these three had been hungry for the knowledge, and Jordan knew they wouldn't be satisfied with half answers.

"What about you Jordan? Do you live among the humans? Or is everyone up here?" Isabel started.

"I lost my wife a year after we came to this planet." Jordan began. He saw Isabel reach for his hand in sympathy, and he took it. These three were so human he thought.

"At first, I took my two children up here on this mountain and tried to hide away from life around me. I blamed the humans for her death. Even though it was not their fault she had died of one of their diseases. For they too cannot stop certain things from happening to them. But I had to blame someone, so I blamed them. And I might have stayed like that to this day, if it wasn't for the most wonderful woman in the world. Nadi came up from the Pueblo Reservation once, with her uncle, and took one look at me and fell in love. Or so she tells me.” Jordan smiled at the memory.

"At first I wanted nothing to do with her, but eventually she wore me down. These earth woman are very stubborn when they set their minds to something." Jordan teased and winked at Max and Michael.

Both of them nodded and smiled. They had to agree.

Isabel smiled as well. "What about your children, Jordan?" She asked.

"My son and daughter from my first wife, now have families of their own, and have taken human partners and live among the earthlings very happily. And, ironically enough, my son from my marriage to Nadi, he has fallen for a close friend of mine's daughter, who is one of us." He smiled at the irony.

"Does he know she's a visitor?" Isabel asked. Thinking how difficult it must be to trust someone. She knew how hard it had been for her.

"Of course. You cannot have a relationship or a life with the humans if they do not know who you are. And if they cannot accept you, completely, for who you are, you will not be able to produce offspring together either. And this is one blessing that has helped keep our people alive. No children of mixed blood has come into this world, that we know of, unless the two were totally in love and trusted each other." Jordan explained.

The three sighed and looked stunned. Jordan figured that was enough for now. He stood up. "You three should try to get some sleep. We have much to do and plan when you awaken."

The three only nodded and headed off to their rooms. They were too numb and full of all they had absorbed to do anything but close out the world for a few hours in restful slumber.

Jordan knew there was much more to talk about, and for him to find out from them, and he was not looking forward to it. For if his theory was right, there could be serious trouble ahead.


Liz opened her eyes to another morning and once again had to use all of her strength to get out of bed and keep going. It had been three weeks since Max, Michael and Isabel had disappeared into the night with the visitor.

Three weeks where she had had to fight with herself to get out of bed, every morning. Three weeks where she had just gone through the motions of living and breathing and working and going to school. Nothing seemed important to her anymore. Nothing seemed important to any of the three of them anymore.

The disappearances of the girls and what had almost happened to Vicki were no longer the topic of the town. That too seemed to have died down. And Liz felt more dread realizing that people would suspect Max even more. For there had not been another incident since Max had taken off.

She knew now that someone had set him up, and that with him gone, whatever they had been hoping to accomplish must have been completed. But even the possibility that the stalker might not be done with the people of Roswell didn't faze Liz. She found it hard to work up enough strength for any emotion these days.

Alex still watched over them like a hawk. And she knew he was worried about Maria and her, and how they both seemed to have just lost that zeal for life.

Liz still wanted to believe with all her heart, that Max would return some day, like he had promised. But maybe that just wouldn't be possible for him? Maybe it wouldn't be an option. Who knew where the stranger had taken them. Off to some far away planet? Would they ever return? Would they ever want to? It was not like the earth or the humans as a whole had made them feel comfortable and welcome over the years. She couldn't blame them if they found out their home was with others like them, where they could live without fear.

Liz sighed and pulled herself out of bed. Maria was going to pick her up for school today, and she had only about 10 minutes to get in the shower and be ready. It seemed that all she wanted to do was sleep all the time now.

But then a thought came to her and she couldn't wait to see Maria. There WAS something they could do, all three of them, to help make it safe, if there was any possibility at all, for the three aliens to return to them.

She just hoped she wouldn't be waking a sleeping evil.

"You want to what?!" Maria asked as she drove toward the school. This was the first time she had seen the old Liz, and it was slowly bringing her around too. If Liz had a plan, maybe the others could come back to them. But this plan was too dangerous. And she KNEW Alex would never go for it.

"Liz the stalker might have stopped, but Vicki is still in a coma in the hospital, and they don't know if she will ever wake up. Why would you want to stir things up again!?" Maria asked in frustration.

"Because, Maria, if someone was setting Max up, and now his goal is done, he won't try anything anymore, and the sheriff will always believe it was Max, and Max will never be safe to come back here." Liz explained, pushing the hair behind one ear, and grabbing her books as they pulled up in front of the school.

"Okay, now wait." Maria started as she too got out of the car. “First of all, do you think even if we WANTED to find out who this stalker was, is, or whatever, that Alex will go for it!?" Maria asked.

Liz looked at Maria with a determined face. "Alex won't have a choice. I'm going to find out who has done this to our classmates, and to Max, even if it means using myself as bait."

Maria's mouth dropped open. "Liz! Are you crazy!?"

Liz sighed, then got a sudden urge. "No but I'm starving!"

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