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"Who Do You Love?"
Part 7
by Michael Sim
Disclaimer: The characters and settings in this story are the property of Regency Television, Jason Katims Productions and the Warner Brothers Corporation. All use is for the sole purpose of fictional storytelling.
Summary: This is a sequel to the fanfiction story "The Truth of It All." Max and Isabel react against each other after learning of Isabel's past treachery. Maria and Michael are forced into a tense situation with Sean while Tess and Liz's relationship grows.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I did this in a different style from my other stories just to try something new. It's definitely a tougher format in which to write and much longer.
Max felt out of sorts. Ever since he woke up from his "dream," his whole world was turned upside down. Could he trust Isabel anymore? Ever? Was Nicholas telling the truth about Vilandra? Why would his mother send Isabel with him to Earth if she knew how he died? He had so many questions without answers. He needed to confide in someone. Max didn't want to talk to any of the other "non-aliens." They didn't need to know about Isabel anyway. Michael was too temperamental to listen to what he had to say. And although he was feeling warmer towards Tess, he was not yet ready to confide in her.

Subconsciously, Max found his way to the alley beside the Crashdown, just underneath Liz's balcony. Max could have found the spot next to the fire escape with his eyes blindfolded.

Max: Liz! Liz!

Max is surprised to get no response. Liz is usually sitting on the deck at this time. There's never been a time when he did not get a response. He considers it, but decides not to climb up without permission. Liz is not his girlfriend anymore, not after what she did with Kyle, but he still thinks of her as his friend, maybe the closest one he will ever have.

Max circled around to the front and entered the Crashdown. He found Mr. Parker at the cash register.

Mr. Parker: Evening, Max. Sit anywhere you like.

Max: Thanks, Mr. Parker, but I'm not here to eat. I just wanted to talk to Liz.

Mr. Parker: Oh. She didn't answer you because she already has a visitor.

Max is caught by surprise. He didn't know that Liz's dad knew about their alley/deck rendezvous location. And who was this "visitor?"

Max: Excuse me?

Mr. Parker: Let me get her.

Mr. Parker leads Max to the back room while he goes upstairs to fetch Liz. Max sits down to wait, but his mind can't stop working. So many things happened recently: finding out about Vilandra; his own sister's betrayal; being nearly killed by Nicholas; feeling new/old emotions about Tess...

Liz: Max.

Liz interrupts Max's thoughts. Did her dad already walk by? He really needed to get out of this funk.

Max: Hi, I wanted to talk.

Liz: Oh. Is it anything important?

Max: I guess.

Liz: Can it be another time? I'm busy right now.

Max can feel a heavy burn in his chest. Liz has never turned him away when he came to her. They've been through thick and thin, life and death even. His world is going crazy! He tries to conceal his disappointment.

Max: I heard you had a visitor.

Liz: Sort of.

Voice: (from upstairs) Liz, where do you keep scissors?

Max recognizes the voice. Why is she here? What business does she have with Liz?

Tess comes down the stairs holding a stack of pictures.

Tess: Max. What brings you over?

Max didn't like how she was so casual about being at Liz's place. He should be the one questioning her. And why was Liz prioritizing her over him? Max knew that that was a self-righteous and possessive thought, but he couldn't help it. He had to get out of there before they could notice his face flushing.

Max: Nothing. I'm just on my way out.

Tess: I hope not on my account.

Max doesn't stop to reply, he just walks right out, right by Mr. Parker, right by the spot where he healed Liz, right by the chairs where many intimate thoughts and secrets were shared, and right out of the Crashdown.

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