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"When Aliens Collide"
Part 1
by Jenn Windley
Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation of any kind with the WB, Roswell or the characters on this show. Blah. Blah.
Summary: We know the rules say that aliens and humans shouldn't mix. But what would happen if two aliens use their unusual powers to be with the ones they love without actually being with them? Hmmm.
Category: Other
Rating: R
Authors Note: I wrote this in script format. So I hope it's easy enough to follow. This is my first fanfic attempt, so I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to email me with your comments.
One afternoon:

Michael and Isabel are hanging out in her bedroom waiting for Max to get home from school. Isabel is brushing her hair and looking at Michael in the mirror. Michael is concentrating on a sketch while sitting on the bed.

Is: So, are you glad you did it?

Michael: Did what?

Is: You know, stayed in Roswell? Claimed your independence?

Michael: Yea. Whatever.

Is: (walking over to sit next to Michael on the bed.) Well, I'm glad you stayed. I can't believe that you finally asked someone for help. And I'm glad it was us you asked...

Isabel's voice fades to the background, and Michael flashes back to Maria after his last fight with Hank. You alternate seeing him sitting tensely on the bed and flashing back to that night with Maria. But the flashback becomes a fantasy as you see a spiraling shot of him kissing Maria with amazing white-hot passion.

Back on the bed, Isabel puts her hand on his shoulder and startles him. He grabs her imagining it's Maria, pushes her onto the bed and starts kissing her like he is actually in his dream. Isabel pushes him away for a moment, but she has never been kissed before and he is so passionate she experiments to see what it's like. Both of them are thinking of other people.

Michael thinks he's kissing Maria, and Isabel flashes to Alex's dream of the two of them together. The whole scene is surreal, and their energy surrounds them in a red-hot glow. Michael's hand makes an imprint over Isabel's heart as he slides it inside her blouse.

Isabel's handprints glow where she has clutched his arms and neck. Things are starting to slide out of control when the door opens. It's Max, Liz ... and Maria.

Max and Liz: What's going on? Omigod. Michael, what the hell are you doing?

Maria: (in a shocked whisper) Omigod.

Michael pops off the bed and wipes his face with the back of his hand. You can see glowing handprints on their bodies showing exactly where things were heading. Michael is wound up tight like a violin string. Isabel is completely disoriented.

Is: It isn't, umm, what it looks like. I mean. God, I don't know what I mean. I... I...Michael?

In the silence Michael stares into Maria's eyes. Before she starts to cry she storms out of the room, and Michael sees her running down the street from the window. Liz and Max exchange a totally helpless look, and then Liz takes off after Maria. The room is filled with the loudest silence you could imagine.

Max: Which one of you wants to explain this? This is not what we meant when we said we couldn't get involved with anyone outside of our group. (He edges towards Michael with anger in his eyes.) This is my sister Michael! What...

Is: Max, calm down. Nothing happened. Really. It was an experiment. I mean, it didn't mean anything. Right, Michael?

Michael: (he is still staring out the window though Maria is gone) No. No, Max. It didn't mean a thing.

With that, Michael grabs his coat and stalks out of the room, leaving Max staring and Isabel rubbing her head in frustration.

Later that night... Michael appears at Maria's bedroom door. It's obvious that Maria has been crying.

Michael: Your mom let me in.

Maria: Get out.

Michael: I can't Maria. That's the problem. I can't seem to get you out of my head, no matter what I do.

Maria: Yea, right. I didn't seem to be on your mind this afternoon when you were playing tonsil hockey with Isabel. I can't believe I fell for that "I just can't get involved" crap. I guess Izzy's fair game since she's an alien and all. Well, you can have it. I'm out.

Michael: Maria. No matter what it looked like. It was you I was with this afternoon.

Maria: Oh what-ever!

Michael: Maria, you helped me. Why did you do that? That night, I mean, you didn't ask questions. You just held me and let me deal. I have never felt ... comfort (he chokes on the word). But you, Maria! No one has ever seen me cry. Ever! And it scares me to death because you make me feel like I might actually belong here. I might actually belong to you. (Finally, Michael pauses and tries to regain his cool composure.) So I just want to say that I'm sorry. Really sorry. Even if you can't ever forgive me.

Maria: (with tears streaming) Why does it have to be so hard for us? Don't you know that we are all aliens trying to find where we belong? It doesn't happen often that two people actually find each other in this world. But we have Michael. How could I ever let that go? How could you?

Michael grabs Maria and kisses her. It's the kiss he dreamed of when he was with Isabel, but this time it's real. And the energy that they create lightens the whole room in the ethereal glow. It's more than passion fanning the flame; it's the glow of real love.

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