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"What the Lord Giveth..."
Part 2c
by Catlover
Disclaimer: Roswell, the story line and the characters do not belong to me. No, it is the sole property of the WB, the lucky buggers. I only have the current concept and a couple original characters to call my own.
Summary: Following the four square episode, The Federal Government beefs up it's surveillance at the very moment when the Roswell teens are trying to conceal a startling revelation.
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Rating: R
Normally, Maxwell Evans was not a violent person. On the contrary, he detested violence of any kind and fiercely avoided it whenever possible, but today, after all that had happened, after all that he had seen, Max felt an anger grow inside him, flooding his mind. Walking away from his hiding place, Maxwell confronted the soldiers in the control room. He grabbed one soldier by the shirt and threw him against the wall, knocking him unconscious. Spinning around, Max punched the other soldier in the gut. The soldier doubled over and stepped back. Righting himself, the soldier stood up while at the same time pulling out a gun. Max held out a glowing hand and the gun flew out of the man’s hand. Sailing through the air, the gun landed in Max’s outstretched hand. The soldier looked around madly before deciding on a plan of action. Rushing forward, the soldier seemed intent on tackling Max. The shock in the soldier’s eyes spoke volumes for the man’s disbelief that Max would actually fire the gun in his hand. Looking down, the soldier placed a hand over the bullet wound in his chest. Staring at his own blood, the soldier fell to the floor.

Shocked by his actions, Max dropped the gun, hearing it land with a thud on the carpet. Looking down at his hand, Max found it hard to believe that the same hand that he used to save Liz’ life had just now been used to take a life. Max took a moment and allowed his mind the time it needed to rationalize this violent act, to realize that he chose the only solution available, at that moment. Shaking his head, Max turned to the control panel and started to push the buttons that allowed the door to the tube to open. Max set a timer that told the computer to raise the lift, open the door and then one-minute later close the door and bring the lift down again.

Entering the tube, Max hoped no one would show up in the next two minutes. As the door closed and the lift went up, Max prayed he set the controls correctly. Stopping, the tube’s door slid open. Max saw Michael on all fours on the floor, Maria kneeling of the floor, Alex crouching against the wall and Liz tucked into the far corner. Liz noticed him first, raising her head quickly. Happily, she cried out Max’s name. She pushed herself to her feet, jumped over Michael and flung herself into Max’s arms. With an arm around Liz, Max motioned for Alex to come over. Squeezed into the lift, Alex, Liz and Max descended into the underground chamber.

The door to the lift opened when it hit the ground floor. The first thing Liz and Alex saw was the dead body in the center of the room, the second thing they noticed was the broken body of a second soldier. Max refused to look at the bodies and Alex and Liz didn’t push the subject. They were just glad to be out of that room.

Leaving a somewhat frantic Liz in Alex’s arms, Max reentered the tube. Max told Alex to push a series of buttons and watched Alex perform the tasks until the closing lift door prevented Max from seeing anything outside the narrow tube. Shortly thereafter, Max returned with Michael and Maria. Michael and Maria glanced repeatedly at the bodies at their feet. Though neither expressed it, a certain satisfaction filled them at the sight of those two fallen soldiers.

Moving the bodies so their escape wouldn’t immediately be detected, the group moved in unison. Afterwards, the group found a quiet, secluded place down the hall and exchanged information. The group grew quiet while Michael described the last time he saw Isabel. Together, the six teenagers formed a plan and moved to put it into action.


A few buildings away, an examination room was being prepared. A menacing table, complete with stirrups and restraints, was wheeled into the chamber and locked into place. The necessary surgical accompaniments were arranged beside the table and a paper sheet rolled out on top of the hard, plastic surface. Next, the intended patient was carried into this sadist’s paradise. Isabel kicked out her legs, trying desperately to free herself from the two men carrying her. Upon seeing the nightmarish equipment, Isabel fought with renewed vigor. Her insistence ignored, Isabel felt the soldiers place her on the rough paper and tie up her limbs with restraints. Adding to her humiliation, Isabel could do nothing but lay on the table, dressed in a thin cotton gown, her arms by her sides, her legs hoisted into the stirrups.

Quickly, masked medical personnel entered the room, milling about, preparing the instruments. Isabel pleaded. Isabel begged, but no one listened. No one even looked. Finally, one doctor approached her. His intent was not comfort, but study. He began to perform a pelvic exam and Isabel could feel herself pulling inward, inward to a safe place where no one touched her.

In her mind’s eye, Isabel could see herself as a little girl running through the desert. As she ran, she matured.




Full grown, she continued to run. Rushing through the low-lying tumbleweeds, Isabel found herself surrounded by the others in her group: Alex, Michael, Liz, Maria, Max and Tess. The group surrounded her in the star formation they had once formed to heal Michael of an alien disease. Each person stood on a line that led directly to Isabel. The entire group stood motionless, and yet, still managed to keep up with Isabel while she ran. They stared at Isabel with still and lifeless eyes – All of them except for Tess.

Initially a part of the formation, Tess began to run towards Isabel. She wound in and out between the others. Often Isabel’s view of Tess was blocked while Tess slipped behind a member of the group. Finally, Tess reached Isabel and took her hand. Struggling to gain Isabel’s attention, Tess screamed, “Isabel, you have to stop running. I

know it’s hard, Isabel, but you have to wake up now.”

The words were magical. Upon hearing them, Isabel could feel herself inching toward consciousness. Focusing her eyes, Isabel became aware of the examination room again. Hushed voices spoke all around her. The words “extract the fetus for examination” brought Isabel back to her senses completely.


Looking to her side, Isabel saw a doctor produce a needle.


Raising the needle, point first, toward the ceiling, the doctor flicked the needle with the back of his index finger. Struggling, Isabel tried and failed to keep the doctor from putting the needle into her arm.


The plunger was pushed in and the needle removed. The anonymous medical staff exited the room. Isabel heard the doctor say to a man in a black suit:

“Give it a few hours.”

No. No. No. No…


Quietly walking between buildings, Michael led the others to the building where he last saw Isabel. Once inside the building, the group made their way in the direction from which Michael had heard Isabel’s screams coming. Slowly, but with great haste, the group traveled down the foreign hallways and unknown corridors. Finally, after confronting a couple of dead ends, the group found themselves around the corner from a mumbling crowd of voices. Michael glanced quickly around the corner and saw a group of people dressed like doctors. A few minutes later, the medical staff dispersed and the hallway was quiet. Taking another look, Michael saw two soldiers standing in front of a door in the middle of the hallway. The group figured that Isabel must be in there. In any case, it was the best lead they had so far.

Together, they quickly and quietly came up with a plan. Creating a distraction, Maria turned the corner and walked into the view of the soldiers, feigned shock and ran back down the hallway where the group was waiting for her. As expected, one of the soldiers followed. Once the soldier rounded the corner completely, Michael karate-chopped the guard in the neck, grabbed him by the shoulder and slammed him head first into the wall. Turning back to the one remaining guard, the group decided on a riskier move. Max stepped out of hiding and held up his hand. As predicted, the soldier raised his gun. The second Max’s hand started glowing, the gun sprang from the soldier’s hand and sailed down the hallway. Gripping the handgun, Max called to the others. Michael, Maria, Alex and Liz rounded the corner and walked down the hall behind Max.

Stopping in front of the soldier, Max tried the door, but found it locked. Max ordered the soldier to unlock the door, but the soldier refused. Michael punched the soldier hard, but still, the soldier refused.

Suddenly, Liz gasped. The group turned around and stared at Liz. About twenty feet down the hall, Liz knelt down on the floor and picked up a key. Maria stared at the key curiously and mentioned that she didn’t remember seeing a key when they had come down that aisle. Retrieving the key, Liz walked over to the door and slid the key in the lock. Her eyes filled with surprise, Liz watched the key turn and undo the tumblers, dismantling the lock. The door opened to the sight of Isabel up in stirrups, crying hysterically.

Handing the gun to Michael, Max rushed over to Isabel’s left while Alex rushed over to Isabel’s right. Together, they undid the restraints. Turning to her right, Isabel curled into Alex’s embrace. She cried and pounded a small, weak fist on Alex’s chest. Alex held her tight and helped her off the table. Looking up, Isabel saw Michael standing by the door, watching over the guard. Isabel’s lower lip trembled. More tears ran down her face as she placed a hand over her abdomen and slowly shook her head. Michael slowly started to shake his head as well. Michael reached forward and grabbed Isabel’s arm. Raising her head, Isabel saw the question in Michael’s eyes. Before once again breaking down in tears, Isabel choked out, “I’m so sorry, Michael.”

Michael looked away disbelieving. Disbelief turned quickly into shock. Almost instantaneously, shock converted into rage. The rage started as a silent roar deep in the pit of his stomach. It spread until it filled every cell of his body. Quickly, the rage bubbled to the surface and took action. Turning quickly, Michael held up the gun, aimed and fired two bullets into the soldier’s chest.

For a second, Michael just stood there his arm stretched out in front of him. The group stared open-mouthed from the now dead man to the rage filled Michael. Slowly, Michael’s eyes cleared. The rage ran from him like water, pooling at his feet. For a moment, Michael felt nothing but emptiness, only to feel all the empty spaces fill to overflowing with guilt. Taken aback by what he had done, Michael dropped the gun and crumbled into himself, falling to his knees and placing his head in his hands.

Maria rushed forward and flung her arms around Michael’s shoulders. A moment of mourning passed before Max called attention to the fact that they still needed to escape.

Placing his jacket around her shoulders, Max hugged Isabel before handing her back to Alex. Alex wrapped a protective arm around Isabel and led her out the door. For her part, Isabel walked and followed directions perfectly well but she committed each act with an expressionless face and unreadable eyes. Max walked beside Isabel, offering what comfort he could. Michael and Maria walked together. They held each other tightly, refusing to let go. Bringing up the rear, Liz walked slowly, but fast enough to keep up. In Liz’s mind a question kept repeating. Over and over, the same quandary echoed through her consciousness:

How did that key get placed on the floor in the hall?

Making their way through the halls, the six escapees paused at every corner and scurried by each perpendicular hallway. Avoiding windows and staying clear of doors, the group cautiously proceeded. About ten minutes after rescuing Isabel, the group saw a series of red lights fire up, blinking wildly, while an ear-piercing siren awakened their enemies to the knowledge of their escape. Picking up the pace, the six teenagers raced through the halls. Behind them, a door opened. From behind the gray metal door, eight soldiers emerged, armed and ready for battle. Following the group through the maze of hallways, the soldiers ran in pursuit of their mission objective.

Finally, the group came to the exit of the building. Max pushed on the first of a series of doors.


Max placed a glowing hand on the lock and pushed again.

Still locked.

Behind him, Liz panicked, Isabel cried and hysteria quickly spread through Michael, Maria and Alex.

From behind them, the group could hear the rapidly advancing footfalls of their pursuers. Closer, the footfalls reverberated through the corridor leading directly to the six frantic figures. Forcefully, Michael pushed his way to the door. Reaching behind him, Michael grabbed Maria’s hand and pulled her with him. Together, Michael and Max placed glowing hands on the door and felt the lock disengage. Pushing harshly, Max, Michael and Maria forced the heavy door open without noticing that the door never slammed against the wall.

Together, the entire group got to the middle door and found it and the next, final barrier already unlocked. The six victorious champions entered the darkness of night and cloaked themselves in it. Managing to fit in Max’s jeep, they drove away.


Inside the building that the group just escaped from, behind a door that forgot to slam, Tess stood waiting for the eight soldiers who were still in hot pursuit. Tess locked the first door again and waited. Soon enough, the soldiers were pressed against the door, rummaging through keys trying to unlock the door. Tess smiled down at the large ring of keys she was holding.

With nostalgia, she remembered the delicious sound of the gunshot that killed the man from whom she had gotten the keys.

Triumphantly, she remembered how she had left keys for her fellow aliens without raising their suspicions too much.

Wisely, she had known from the moment she left Max’s mind that he was heading out to commit a suicide mission. He didn’t have a plan, equipment, nothing, but the will to save his friends. He may hate her forever for what she did to him, but she couldn’t let him die.

Filled with regret, she realized that by saving her kind, she had saved those three humans as well.

Oh well.

In a second, she would make up for that little bit of frustration. Extending her mind, Tess grabbed hold of the mind of the commanding officer of the patrol. Extending her mind further, Tess barely touched the other soldier’s minds, allowing her the ability to manipulate their thoughts without controlling their wills. Gracefully, Tess opened the door. She saw the shocked expressions on the faces of the seven men as they stared at the gun in their commander’s hands. A couple of them registered with the fact that the door in front of them had opened, but all they saw was their commander pull the trigger.

Trembling and crying, the commander drew up his machine gun from its firing position. Replacing his index finger with his thumb over the trigger, the struggling man positioned the barrel of the gun so it slid directly into his mouth and fired his weapon.

Smiling widely, Tess didn’t blink or look away when the blood droplets flew at her face, arms, clothes and hair. Overlooking the evidence of her wrath, Tess filled with a sense of satisfaction. Turning on her heel, Tess walked out of the installation, uncovered her jeep and drove away. In front of her, Tess saw the departing, red, braking lights of Max’s jeep. Turning on her high beams, Tess spurred Max to floor the gas. Turning off her headlights, Tess watched with satisfaction as the jeep take flight.

Looking in the rearview mirror, Tess saw red droplets of blood in her hair. With her thumb and index finger, she spread the crimson drops through her hair and smiled at the effect. For a few minutes, she followed Max’s jeep from a safe distance until, with a hand over her abdomen, she turned onto the interstate highway and disappeared.

Roswell, NM – October 25, 2000

As gently as he could, Alex lifted Isabel’s feverish body and placed her in Michael’s bathtub. Covering her body with wet towels, Alex called for the ice. Liz and Max carried in two bags of ice and carefully poured them onto Isabel. In the other room, huddled on his bed, Michael and Maria held onto each other. Unable to help, they clung to one another unable to let go. Maria felt Michael’s jaw move and looked at his face. Bewilderment covered his handsome features. Slowly, Michael brought his gaze to bear on Maria’s concerned face. Sitting up, Michael softly said, “This has never happened

before, Maria. We’ve always been able to heal each other. Even when I got sick, they found a way to cure me. What if she dies, Maria?”

Maria pressed herself against his back and placed her cheek on the back of his shoulder. Gripping his arms tightly, Maria answered, “She’s not going to die. I won’t believe that

she could. Isabel’s going to be okay. I just know it.”

Michael turned and looked over at Maria. Tears ran down his cheeks. His eyes swelled red and burned. Swallowing hard, Michael said something that sent cold ice through Maria’s soul, “What about my baby, Maria? My baby is going to die, isn’t she?”

With those words said, Michael hanged his head down and cried. Violent sobs shook him as Maria pulled his head onto her lap. She ran his fingers through his hair and felt wet tears make their way down her pale cheeks.

As that faceless, bastard of a doctor had claimed, Isabel miscarried a few hours after the contents of the syringe had been emptied into her veins. The fetus, although obliviously alien, was aborted in a very human way. Soon thereafter, Isabel’s fever went away and she was able to get out of the tub. On shaky legs, Isabel stood motionless as Alex dressed her and combed her hair. Leading her out of the bathroom, Alex guided Isabel to a chair and helped her to sit.

Focusing on the bed opposite her, Isabel saw Maria holding Michael. The two women’s eyes met in understanding and Maria nudged Michael’s arm. Looking at Isabel, so weak from her ordeal, Michael felt a whole new batch of tears brew. Crossing the room, Michael knelt before Isabel and took her hands in his. Effortlessly, their arms slipped around each other.

Isabel and Michael mourned the loss of their child while across the room Maria approached Alex. Alex stared at Maria, but wouldn’t uncross his arms. At that moment, any person who had ever said a hurtful word to Isabel was Alex’s worst enemy. The memory of Maria’s spiteful words during the last group meeting rang in Alex’s ears. He pushed himself away from the wall and walked to the kitchen and buried his head in Michael’s mostly empty refrigerator.

Uncomfortable, Maria walked over to Michael’s bed and sat carefully on the edge of the mattress. After witnessing the painful exchange, Liz went over and sat next to Maria, taking her best friend’s hand in hers. Looking at Maria, Liz saw a familiar expression on the blonde’s tear-streaked face. Guilt shined in Maria’s eyes and flourished in her soul. Confused, Liz held Maria’s hand tighter. Maria looked at Liz and then looked away again. Liz took Maria’s chin in her hand and forced Maria to meet her eyes. Smiling sympathetically, Liz commented, “Alex is just mad, Maria, mad at

everything. In a couple days, he won’t even understand why he was feeling this way. Maria, you shouldn’t feel guilty about this. None of us wanted this to happen. You didn’t do this.”

In a soft whisper, Maria answered.

“Didn’t I?”

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