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"What's So Funny?"
Part 1
by Rihsa
Disclaimer: Nope I don't any of Roswell, but if I did… hmmmm..
Summary: post-destiny. Aliens go off and then come back… A summer has passed and then it is time for the school year to start.
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Authors Note: I was bored one weekend and I went to a site that had a challenge posted. So, I thought to myself why not. I've been riding Roswell fanfic for a long time, so why not. This is my first one. So I hope everyone likes it. Having dashes (-----) means a scene change. Having (*) is a thought.
Roswell - August 2000.

On the clock it said 6:30. Maria lazily opened her eyes and then quickly shut them. She had finished cleaning the house a couple of hours ago because her mom threaten that she couldn't have the car if she got back and found out the house was a mess. Luckily for Maria, she finished early and went shopping. But when she got back she was tired and laid on her bed to rest for a while. Maria opened her eyes again and this time stared at the clock. How could it be 6:32? She had just laid down for a second and now it was 6:32. She started to freak out. She ran to the phone, picked it up and started dialing. Gosh, tonight was movie night with Alex and Liz. She didn't want to be late, this was the first time that the three of them would actually get to hang out this summer. But then again you couldn't really call it the summer because school was going to start in couple of days. Liz was away at school for most of the summer and Alex was visiting his grandparents in Florida. Maria, well she was stuck in Roswell. This would be the first time she would get to see her best friend. She knew this meant a lot to Liz.


"Hey Liz, I am so sorry..."

"Maria, where are you? Kyle and Alex are here and we're waiting for you."

"Liz, I know, I am so sorry. What Kyle's there?"


"I was really tired and I fell asleep. I am still at home. I'll be over soon."

With this, Maria said goodbye and hung up the phone. She had little time to get ready. So, she ran to her closet and grabbed a blue leather miniskirt and a blue top. She quickly changed and grabbed the keys to the rusty old Jetta. She finally got to the Crashdown and walked to the employee lounge. When she opened the swinging door, Liz, Alex, and Kyle were all sitting down watching TV. Maria looked at Kyle who was watching the TV intently and then walked over to Liz gave her a big hug and plopped down.

Maria asked, "Liz, please tell me why Kyle is here."

"Maria I ran in to him yesterday. We started talking about our summers and then he told me that his dad was going out of town. So I felt bad and invited him."

"I guess. It's not like he'll be bothering anyone." Maria looked at Kyle and then back at Liz. Maria suddenly got this weird look on her face, and Liz couldn't help laughing.

"What's so funny Liz?" asked Alex. "Just that the four of us are sitting here… you know…" Liz was an awful liar, she could never hide it. But some how this time, Alex and Kyle really didn't care what was going on. Liz and Maria stopped laughing. The only sound in the room now was the TV.

"Well, I guess we can finally start the movie since Maria has perfect timing and all."

"Alex Whitmen, Maria said playfully, don't even start with me."

"I'll go get the popcorn," said Liz getting up from the couch and walking into the kitchen. Alex and Kyle were still trying to decide what movie the four of them would watch, The Waterboy or Austin Powers 2.

Maria was fixing her aqua-bra while the two guys were debating on the movies. Then Liz walked in with the popcorn looked at Maria, who was still fixing her bra, and asked, " What on earth are you doing?" Maria looked up and responded, "I'm fixing my bra. I hate this stupid aqua-bra." Just then Maria looked like she was going to pop the bra.

"Whoa, calm down Maria, you might just pop it and all the water will spill every where."

Maria started laughing; she could picture it in her head. She looked at Liz and could tell that Liz was picturing it in her head also. They both started cracking up. Then they stopped and went out to get drinks for all four of them. When they came back in and sat on the couch, this guy on TV just all of a sudden yelled Ahh! The sky is falling! Hearing this, Maria and Liz looked at each other and repeated that line; Ahh! The sky is falling! Then they started laughing.

"Hello? The two crazy people laughing on the couch, you guys ok? Remember, Me, Alex, here also. Movie, Kyle grabbed a movie and shook it. We were going to watch a movie." Liz and Maria still laughing nodded their heads.

Maria trying to be cool and not laugh said, "Ya, a movie." Then they burst into laughter once again

"Are the two of you going to be doing this all night? 'Cause if you are, I guess Kyle and I can leave." Liz and Maria shook their heads no.

"Ok, so are the two of you going to clue us in or are we just going to sit here and wait?" asked Kyle. Liz and Maria nodded their head yes while laughing.

"What's so funny?" asked a familiar voice.

Liz and Maria stopped laughing. They knew this voice; actually all four of them knew that voice. Didn't want to come back. Maria and Liz lifted their heads and looked up. Alex and Kyle both were in amazement when they saw them. Maria grabbed the remote from the table and muted the TV. Alex and Kyle just looked at the four standing and then at Maria and Liz. The four of them sitting were in confusion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You see Max, Michael, Isabelle, and Tess spent the summer out of Roswell. They needed to get away. It was mostly Tess's idea, but Michael agreed and soon after, so did Isabelle. Max was outnumbered and he couldn't change their minds, so he went along with the idea. They didn't go too far: Colorado and Utah. They didn't want to go too far, with the exception of Tess. She wanted to get as far away as she could. Max, Isabelle, and Michael all had a home, a place where they were wanted, Roswell. The room was quite and no one had opened their mouths, but Liz got enough courage and was the first to speak. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Oh my gosh Max. How are you? Hey Michael, Isabelle. Tess." Even though Liz didn't want to say her name, she did, she didn't want to start anything. Not when the person she wanted the most was back, back with her.

"I'm good. And you, how are you? Hey Maria. What's up Alex. Kyle." No one moved, the four humans sitting and the four aliens standing. It was only Liz and Max talking. No one else spoke, not for a while. "Good, I'm good. So, umm.. How was your summer? Was it good?" After saying this Liz poked Maria in her side nudging her to talk. Maria shook her head no. She wasn't going to speak until someone asked her something.

"It was good. We went to Colorado and Utah. It was nice to get away for a while. Liz, ugh, I was wondering if, um, you know, we could talk, alone?"

"Ya, umm.. Sure."

Maria grabbed Liz's arm and whispered, " You are not going Liz. Nope."

"Come on Maria. Let me talk to him. It's been three months, I want to know what's happened." After saying that, Liz gave a puppy dog face.


Liz got up and led Max up to her room where they could talk without anyone disturbing them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Back in the employee lounge, no one was talking so Isabelle decided to speak.

"So.. Maria what's new? Did you have a nice summer? Hi Alex. Kyle. " She asked while walking towards Maria and sitting next to her.

Maria turned to Isabelle and said, "It was good. Boring but good. I've been writing songs and when Alex came back from Florida, he helped me with them. That's mostly what I did. I hung out with Alex's band the Whits and played a few gigs with them. Then worked at the Crashdown. Nothing too exciting. You guys must have had a blast. Going to Utah and Colorado…" Michael was getting impatient. Listening to Maria talk and talk was getting to him; he hadn't heard her sweet voice in so long. Michael didn't want to feel that way about Maria, but he did and he couldn't hide it. "… That must have been like the best trip for all of you. You must have seen so many…"

"Shut up DeLuca." Michael didn't like doing this, but all he wanted to do was kiss her. But kissing her while she was talking would be impossible. Anyways, she was aggravating him by talking. She always had a mouth that could just keep going on and on.

"What? Oh, so you come back to town and you start telling me what to do. I don't think so spaceboy. You went away and you can't just come back and tell me what to do." Maria thought that maybe Michael would come back and he would be different, he would be nicer, but he wasn't. She got up slowly, trying to think of an excuse to go home. But couldn't think of one, so she ran upstairs. Michael watched her, saying nothing. He ached when he saw her leave. He hated it when he always got to her. He never wanted to do anything that would harm her. But he had, he had so many times. Maria was up the stairs when she heard Isabelle start telling Michael off.

"Why the hell did you do that Michael?"


"You are such a fucking idiot. She wasn't even doing anything wrong. She was just talking." "She talks so damn much."

Isabelle got up and walked over to Michael and whispered something in his ear. From this Michael walked to the couch and sat down with Isabelle. No one remembered that Tess was there. She was getting impatient; she hated being there with humans.

* * *God, I hate humans. They are so stupid. Why are they always so bitchy? Wonder what's wrong with them? I really need to leave. Don't want to be here. God, why do Michael, Isabelle, and my Max want to be with humans?"*

Then out of nowhere Isabelle snapped at her.

"Tess it's just you. They hate you. They never liked you. Why don't you just go home?"

"Fine, it doesn't matter to me." And with that Tess turned and started to walk.

"Do you want someone to walk with you?"

Tess slowly turned around and kindly said yes. She wanted to prove to Isabelle that she was wrong. That Isabelle didn't know what she was talking about. Kyle got up and walked out the door with Tess. Now, Isabelle, Michael, and Alex were still in the room.

"So much for movie night."

Isabelle looked over at Alex, "What??"

"Tonight was movie night and then the four of you bust in here like we had nothing better to do. But we did. No one ever cars. This was the first night that all of us, well I mean, Liz, Maria, and I would actually get to do something before school started. We haven't seen each other since the end of school, so tonight was the first time we got to see each other over the summer. Damn. "

Isabelle could see the pain in Alex's eyes and at that moment she was sorry for hurting him, leaving him. She walked over to him and then grabbed his hand. She pulled him up, hugged him and said 'Thank you.' Alex thought to himself, thank you, for what?

"For being you."

Michael felt uncomfortable and got up and walked through the swinging door and plopped down into a booth. Maria was still at the top of the stairs. She couldn't help but cry. She always cried about Michael, she hated it but she did it. She heard someone talking downstairs and realized that Alex and Isabelle decided to watch Austin Powers 2. She turned, still sad, and walked towards Liz's room. She didn't know what to do but she remembered Liz always knew what to do. She knocked on the door lightly. No one answered; she knocked again and then opened the door and entered. She slowly walked to Liz's window and looked out of it. Maria didn't realize that Max and Liz had been kissing the whole time.

"Lizzy, I don't what to do. You know, everything is fine one minute, then it's not. I don't understand him. He likes me and then he doesn't. God, what is that guy's problem. What the hell goes on in the brain of Michael Guerin? So, what do you think I should do?" After asking that question, Maria turned around.

"Oh my god. I am so sorry Lizzy. I wouldn't have come in here if I knew. I'll leave.. Ok…"

"No, Maria wait…" But Maria was out the door. She was so embarrassed that she was talking so much that she didn't even realize that Max and Liz were making out. She started to cry once again and she slowly went down the stairs. As Maria walked down the stairs, her crying got worse and worse; it became a sob. She couldn't think of anything to do but go home where she would be safe. She got to the end of the stairs. She could still hear Austin Powers, even tough it was low. She looked over at Alex and Isabelle; they were sitting there cuddling. It made Maria miss Michael even more. Still sobbing, she walked through the swinging door.

"Hey Maria. Hey, where are you going?" asked Alex.

Maria was already into the restaurant and she didn't even hear Alex. She walked out the door still sobbing her heart out, got in her car and drove herself home.

When Maria had past through the restaurant, Michael saw her sobbing her heart out and shaking her head left and right.

He thought to himself *God, how could I have done this to the most precious thing in my life.*

Michael walked back to the employee's lounge to see if Max would give him a ride. Max and Liz had joined Isabelle and Alex in watching Austin Powers. Clearly when Michael walked into the room, he could tell that no one wanted to leave. So he decided to walk to her house, he had to fix what was wrong with Maria. He didn't want to leave her so unhappy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maria finally got home and she was still sobbing. She thought to herself that if it weren't for Michael I would be just fine. She opened the door to her house and walked in. The house was dark and cold and lonely. That's how exaclty Maria felt, lonely. She had no one right now. She walked to her room and turned on the radio. Music always helped to take away pain, but this time it wasn't helping. She decided a good way to calm down was to take a shower. Maria walked slowly into her bathroom and turned on the shower.

"God, how could I have been so stupid, thinking Michael Gurien, what kind of name is that, would come back and still care about me. Ya, right. Stupid me."

Maria took a shower and got dressed in the bathroom. Michael had finally gotten to her house and had been knocking at the door, but she was in the bathroom and couldn't hear him. Michael opened the door and went in. The door wasn't locked and he knew that Maria always locked the door, especially when her mom was out of town. He locked the door and heard a noise coming from Maria's room. Michael slowly walked to Maria's room, being cautious to what might happen. Thoughts kept running through his head. What would Maria do, would she be crying, would she scream at him? He couldn't help thinking of all these things because all of them were possible. Maria sat on her bed holding on to one of those alien blow-up dolls. She started to cry and began hitting the alien blow-up doll.

"God, I hate you. I hate you. Why? Why?"

She threw the stupid alien doll across the room and it hit her dresser and something fell to the ground. She got up and walked over to the fallen object and picked it. To her amazement it was a picture, a picture of Michael Gurien. The alien that she fell in love with, the alien who stole her heart. Michael knocked on the door, but Maria couldn't hear him, so he opened the door. She was sitting on the floor looking at the picture when Michael stepped into her room.

"You never did love me Michael. Right?" Michael's heart had just felt like someone ripped it out when he heard Maria say that.

"Maria, I did. I always loved you." Maria turned around crying. "Then why, why do you always…"

"Because I'm stupid. Ok. I have always been stupid in not realizing that I do like you. It's hard, I mean to break the walls down. I hadn't for anyone besides Max and Isabelle, but they were family." Michael walked towards Maria and he grabbed her hand.

"Maria I love you. Understand that I do honestly love you. That I would do anything for you and that I want to be there for you. I never wanted to do this to you. I never wanted to hurt you, I never wanted you to be like this." He wiped a tear from her eye and kissed her.

"I love you."

Maria was still crying, but this cry was out of happiness and she couldn't believe that Michael did care for her. She kissed him and then she started to laugh.

"What's so funny?"



"Ya, you." With this Maria yawned.

"I guess I should leave." Michael slowly turned around and was about to walk out the door when Maria spoke.

"Don't go."


"Stay, stay with me."

Michael turned around and walked over to Maria. He kissed her again. Maria and Michael laid down on the bed. Maria dozed off while Michael sat and watched her sleep. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maria woke and has happy to realize that she wasn't dreaming. Michael was lying next to her and she got up and called Liz. She knew her best friend would want to know if she was ok.

"Hey Liz."

"Oh gosh, Maria are you ok?" Michael opened his eyes and looked at Maria. He thought to himself, why am I so lucky? He got up and walked over to Maria who was still on the phone. He kissed her on the cheek and wrapped his arms around her.

"Ya, everything's fine. I am so sorry that I left last night. I just had to get away, but I have to tell you something."


"I'll tell you when I get there."

Maria hung up the phone and turned around and kissed Michael.

"Well, spaceboy, I have to go to work. But, if you want a ride, I'll give you one."

"Sure Deluca."

Michael went out into the living room while Maria changed. He was sitting down thinking about everything that had happened. A few minutes later Maria walked out and grabbed the keys to her Jetta. Michael followed her to the car and she started driving to the Crashdown. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

At the Crashdown, Alex, Isabelle, and Max were all siting in their booth. Talking and enjoying cherry cokes. Liz came over and sat down with them.

"Maria called me and said she had to tell me something. I hope nothing is wrong with her." Max grabbed Liz's hand and reassured that nothing was wrong with her. Isabelle and Alex both agreed with Max.

Maria and Michael got out of the car and walked into the Crashdown. The two of them were holding hands and laughing. Liz looked up and stared.

"Liz, what's wrong?"

"Max, Isabelle, Alex, look." All three of them looked up and saw Michael and Maria holding hands and laughing. They were all shocked that the two of them were acting like this. Liz got up and walked over Maria.

"Oh my god Maria. What happened?"

Maria whispered in her ear and they walked to the employee's lounge. Michael sat down and told Isabelle, Alex, and Max the whole story while Maria and Liz were talking. Maria and Liz came out and Liz sat down next to Max and Maria started to smile. Then Maria started to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"You, Michael Gurein."

She kissed him and everyone started to laugh.

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