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"What We Really Are"
Part 1
by Margo A. Girard
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: I originally wrote this to be a screenplay that I wanted to send to the directors to make a future show guest starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovony. I may still do that. Mulder comes to Roswell to tell Michael that he is not an alien because he is Mulder's son. Meanwhile, things start to heat up with Alex and Isabel.
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Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex are sitting at a booth in their favorite hang out, the Crashdown.

ALEX Hey Isabel, how about a movie Saturday night?

ISABEL I don't really feel like a movie. I have better things to do.

ALEX (blushing) Okay.

LIZ I'm certain I failed that Math test today.

MAX Yeah right, Liz. You're awesome at Math.

LIZ I'm only human, you know.

The door of the Crashdown opens and Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully walk in. They approach the group of teenagers.

MULDER Hey kids. I'm looking for a guy named Michael Guerin. Which one of you is he?

MICHAEL (raises his hand slightly) That would be me.

MULDER We need to talk.

Michael casually shrugs and Max gives Mulder a curious look, as they walk out of the restaurant.


Mulder and Michael are sitting on the hood of Michael's car, drinking chocolate milkshakes. Michael looks into his milkshake while Mulder pulls out the tobasco sauce.

MULDER Forget something?

Michael looks up.

MICHAEL How did you know?

MULDER I know a lot of things about you, Michael. I've been looking for you a long time.





Max and Isabel are sitting in the cave. Michael is pacing back and forth. Isabel bites her nails nervously, while Max gives Michael an irritated look.

MAX Okay, so what is this all about? Why did you bring us out here in the middle of the fricken night?

MICHAEL I just wanted to let you know that we should be careful of Mulder and Scully.

Isabel rolls her eyes and laughs.

ISABEL You sound more and more like Max every day. Heaven for bid I'd have to have another brother named Max!

MICHAEL Shut up Isabel!

MAX Alright, let's not fight. That won't get us anywhere. Why do you feel this way?

MICHAEL I just have this feeling okay?

ISABEL Okay, can we go back now? I'm freezing.

Michael nods.


Michael and Maria are walking to their next class. Michael's eyes are cast down as Maria jabbers on about her mom's date last night with Sheriff Valenti.

MARIA I've never been more disgusted in my whole sixteen years. They were making out on the couch and his hands were...eeew I don't even want to think about that. His tongue was practically down her throat.

Michael doesn't answer.

MARIA Okay, you're the most opinionated guy I know. Spill it. What's wrong?

Before Michael gets a chance to say anything, Brody comes up and grabs Maria. He kisses her on the lips, tongue and all. Michael groans and a low growl comes from his belly as he stomps off, leaving Maria staring after him.


Alex taps Isabel on the arm with his pencil. She turns around and accidently spills her pink nail polish all over his diagram of the Female Reproduction System. Holding in a giggle, she helps Alex clean up the mess.

ALEX Wanna go dancing? I know this great place right outside of Roswell.

Isabel gives him a shocked look.

ISABEL I didn't know you Whitman boys knew how to dance. I didn't even think your father let you go out with girls like me.

Alex gives her a mocked hurt look.

ALEX I'm a man. I do what I want, if you know what I mean.

Alex pulls out a condom from his back pocket. He reads the wrapper to her.

ALEX Ooooh...ribbed for extra pleasure.

ISABEL Forget it horny boy. It's not going to happen. But hey I'll go dancing with you. Then maybe you can come over. Max made the mistake of getting my dad a Bubba/Gump Cookbook and now we have shrimp everything.

Alex gives Isabel a cheesy grin and blushes.

TEACHER Mr. Whitman, would you like to share what you and Ms. Evans seem to think is so funny that you have to interrupt my class?

The whole class turns to them. Alex quickly shoves the condom back into his back pocket.

ALEX Why no sir. We were just discussing Sex Ed. This is Sex Ed isn't it? You know the bump and grind?

Alex gets up to demonstrate. The whole class laughs.

TEACHER To the principal's office at once and your father will be getting a phone call!


The friends are sitting and eating their "Men in Black" burgers and talking about the day's events when in walk Mulder and Scully.

ALEX Wow! That red-headed chick is hot!

Isabel shoves him in the side. Alex hunches over the table in pain.

ISABEL And you say you're a man?!

MULDER I need to talk to Michael.

He looks at all his friends.

MULDER In private, please.

The rest of them get the hint and go away. Mulder sits across from Michael.

MULDER What's good here?

MICHAEL You should try the Moldy Mulder Melt.

MULDER Ha ha. Okay, Michael, let me get straight to the point. I'm here to tell you something very important about yourself.

MICHAEL I already know about the alien garbage. Yeah, I'm E.T. Big deal. You gonna turn me into the FBI now?

MULDER Actually, I'm here to tell you that you're not an alien.

MICHAEL How the hell would you know?

MULDER Because...I'm your father.

Michael jumps up from his seat.

MICHAEL Okay, very funny, joke's over. I heard you were spooky, but this is just sick!

MULDER Just wait, hear me out. We have to discuss this.

Michael hesitates, then reluctantly sits down.

MULDER It all started out with your mother, Mikala. Sixteen years ago when she was pregnant, we were very young and poor. When she went into labor, we couldn't afford to go to the hospital. So I did my best to save Mikala and the baby...but you only survived.

MICHAEL This is crap! What about the ship crashing and Max and Isabel?

MULDER It's all a government cover-up. They took you away from me and put you in an orphanage. I didn't know how to contact you. Please believe me, Michael. If I had known how to find you, I would have.

MICHAEL You have no way to proove any of this.

MULDER Yes, I do. The only piece of me that they let you keep was part of the blanket you had. Red...

MICHAEL (Interrupts in awe) With the elephants?

Mulder takes out the blanket from his pocket. It is red with elephants. Michael takes the blanket and blinks back tears.

MICHAEL I...I can't believe it!

MULDER You have to believe it. You are my son, my flesh and bone, and you are human.

MICHAEL No...No! It can't be true!

Michael jumps up and runs out of the restaurant.

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