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"What Is To Come?"
Part 2
by Des
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them, but I don’t
Summary: A new Alien is revealed among one of their own
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Desire Valentine is a adopted sibling of Kyle’s and has some secrets in her past. Some of this is made up from my twisted head and some has actually have happened in the three series. ARCHIVE SITE:
Everyone was gathered around the coffee table. Kyle had looked up and asked his dad “Why would she go to the Chambers? She doesn’t even know where it is.” Max nodded “He’s right we never took her there so how would she know where to find it.” Jim sighed “You don’t understand” Isabel walked over to him “ Please Jim if you know anything, we have to find her, she could be in danger.” Tests quietly replied “The only danger is to herself.” Micheal got red. “Listen Tess I know you two are not the best buddies but one of our own is missing .We need to find her so keep you mouth shut if you are not going to say anything that will help.” he said approaching her. Maria and Liz tried to stop him. “Michael please we can’t start a fight not know.” said Maria. Liz walked over to Max and said “ We need to keep Des and Tess away from each other.” “ I know I know” he replied. Kyle looked at his Dad. “ Tell us everything we need to know.” Jim sat down while everyone took a seat. “ Your mom and I were out driving one night, we had hurried home to spend some time with you. We had passed the cliff and we saw a little girl walking along by the highway. We had pulled over to see if she was ok. In her hands were and orb and a book that neither of us could read and a little pendant around he neck. We put her in the car and took her to the hospital to check her out. When the doctors and nurses tried to take the objects out of her hands she became aggressive and upset. I had to sit here holding her possessions while they checked her out. They released her into our care and about that time your mother and I were having problems. We were fighting all the time and De shad these intense headaches….” “You mean like the one she had today?” asked Max. “ ..yea like that but these were worse. We took her to the hospital and they put her on a morphine drip. Then her night terrors came and they were just so upsetting to see her like that.” Isabel asked “What are night terrors?” Kyle looked at her and said “They are like nightmares but worse the person suffering from them often hurt themselves or others. Once she broke my nose another punched a hole in the wall. All the time saying she was being killed by a bad man. I remember sometimes we had to strap her down on the bed to stop her from hurting herself.” Kyle chuckled a bit “ God I’m surprised we didn’t screw her up” Isabel moved from her seat and put her arm around Kyle. Jim started again “One time she woke up and over hear your mother and I fighting. She started saying that she never wanted to adopt her that she was mentally unstable and was a burden. Three days later she walked out of our lives.” Liz spoke up “ This bad man dream, did she ever tell you who it was?” “No never , she told me that it didn’t matter” said Jim. Maria nodded her head “ What are you getting at Liz?” “ Well didn’t you guys die on your planet?” Tess began to stiffen. Isabel took Kyle’s hand in hers “ Yeah we did by Kivarr” Micheal said “ Liz come on stop with the twenty questions” Liz looked at Max “ I think she’s reliving her death or memories from her past.” Kyle looked at all the aliens. “Have you had that experience? ”They all shook their heads and Tess had done it with a little hesitation. Isabel started to stand “ Come on guys we have to find her soon.”

*************************************************************************************PART III

As I make my way up the cliff I look out over the horizon. I memories of Antar are hazy, I only remember colors and feelings. I turn my back and wave my hand over a part of the rock reveals a silver handprint. I press my hand on it and the rock breaks apart and moves revealing the pod chamber. I step in and look around. Everything is highlighted in color, blue and green. I set my book,orb in my pod that was tucked behind the others. I take off my pendant and move a false section of rock aside and stick the pendant in. It opens revealing the Granolith. I’m not sure if they even know what this is yet. The Granolith is a transportation device. This is the one in a million chance if we want to go home. I walk around it and make sure if it is still working. Everything seems to be. As I leave I re-shut the rock

two voices startle me. When I turn I only know one of them. Mr. Harding, Tess’s father. Better known as Nasedo. Another man is with him, a man I don’t know. The unknown man says “ Don’t you know who we are?” I reply “ I really only know one of you” nodding to Mr. Harding. The mysterious man walked up to me and held my chin up. “ You don’t remember the man that killed you?” My eyes widen at that comment.

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